Automatic name change

There isn’t a good place to see this, but for whatever reason my name has been automatically changed from [Ex-member] to John. Ive had this name for months and now it has been deemed unacceptable? I’ve seen name from ■■■■■■ to dead hookers in trunks to worst and mine is offensive. Can SG please explain???

Your best course of action is to submit an in-game support ticket, as I am certain SG is not going to address any sort of disciplinary action here on the forums.

I will say I think that was a clever name! I am imagining war, and the opponent wondering how someone that left the alli could be hitting them lol!


I think that exactly this is the issue with the name.
I do not see it offending but just to prevent confusion and reports that an ‘ex-member’ is still active in war.

But only staff can tell you this and they will not do this on forum as @LadyAnesthesia mentioned. You will need to open a ticket and see why they changed your name.

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SG does not answer warnings, bans etc in the Forum. Please send a ticket to discuss this matter:


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