Automatic logout when second device connects

I’ve got the main account on my phone and iPad. Sometimes I’ll be auto farming on one, and I unlock the other which was in the game when locked so it goes right into the app, which then kills the game on the device that was auto farming and I lose those flags, which late stage season 3 is quite a lot!

Is it possible to have a pop up on the second device saying “you’re currently logged in on another device, would you like to switch to this one?” So that we don’t mess up in progress games through an accident?

This happens far too often to me lol

I’ve had this problem quite a few times. You’ve got my vote.

Don’t know what to say, my accounts and devices are banned except one that runs on a VM and uses MAC address spoofing but the new login has always booted the current one for as long as i can remember. It would be a nice feature but I think the logout is implemented by the Apple game centre or Google play and we just see a game server message.

Yeah I have no clue how it could be implemented but I’m sure they have some smart people who could devise a solution if enough people feel it’s a problem and they agree

SG doesn’t support multiple games on the same device so I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t be a priority?

I’m referring to the same game/account on multiple devices, which is supported.


Apple game center does a beautiful job but Googles obsessive caching has actually mixed up accounts attached to emails for me. Fortunately, Googles uselessness is why I can still play.

I’ve been complaining about this since I joined the forum. It’s a simple QOL improvement that would help those of us who play on multiple devices from losing valuable flags.

Unfortunately, the E&P devs seem too busy creating 600 new must-have heroes per year to do anything about it, so my prediction:


I have absolutely no issues switching between multiple secondary accounts every day tons of times.

All of these accounts have separate google account and separate gmail address.

Had some issues when transferring an account to a different device reset that account to nothing - had to start from the beginning. But those were very few exceptions.

Apple game centre has me totally blocked (zero mercy; screenshots will breach T&C’s), whereas Google is far more co-operative but my new android phone recognises everything about me but wants me to start at the tutorial; not going to risk overwriting an account that cost me well more than a couple of $$$

The only device I trust now is the VM and even that pulls up that unholy “we don’t like you, go away window” for my lucky alt that is now not allowed. “Contact us via in game support that you have no access to”

They lacked a sense of humour over my users and Alliance name. When asked; I’m “Furious”, “You Idiot” “Sabotage, Embezzlement”. (named for a fun rant post by a third party).
In actuality they did me a solid by stopping me over spending. So good for SG. :grinning:

Google play messed up my accounts so I always get that happy, “welcome back you idiot”. I always smile.

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Experience is the best teacher. If it happened to me the first time and if I get annoyed due to the lost of flags and possible loot, I will try to avoid doing the same thing. Doing it twice or more, it would be sheer stupidity on my part. Shame on me. But that is how I look at myself.

Good thing I only play this game on one device. First world problems, eh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Can’t say more than 20 types of agreement. :+1:

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Again, I’m not talking about anything to do with multiple accounts. I use two old iPhones to run my two alt accounts, they’re only on those devices, so I don’t have this issue.

My issue is about my main phone and my iPads all have my main account, and if you open a device and forgot the last app used was the game, as soon as you unlock it, the game loads and kills any other devices game that was playing a level.

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Yes it does, made that mistake just twice and learned

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