Autokick Members in Alliances With Inactive Leaders

Since they can’t make that decision themselves, figure a helpful feature will deter the amount of discussion about a pointless idea to discussions about this pointless idea

As soon as a leader is inactive more than 24 hs, autokick the entire alliance except the leader


I need something interesting to read, figure a bunch of sheeple throwing more fits on the daily would solve this issue

And heroes set for war defense should be deleted from the player rooster and remain in the old alliance. We need to stop this mindless switching of teams.


We can’t block Heros permanently.
Solution is if a person leaves war after match making done for 3 times, then don’t let that account to switch in wars for 2 weeks (4 wars).
Just like they do for offensive msging accounts.
Banning them for certain amount of time.

Yeah I’ll bite, what the fudge?!?

Leaders should have a life too. Else who’d want the job, although granted there are some who want the title but no responsibility.


Well see due to “alliance leaders” starting the game, making alliances, allowing anyone with a pulse to join, then quitting the game and not handing off their title, we get a bunch of players in dead alliances that have no clue what to do other than just sit there and deal with it while coming to the forum to complain

So i figure if they’re just auto kicked when their lead goes inactive then problem solved

Are u sayin maybe a longer period of time than 24hrs? I mean that probably is too soon for most of these players to realize they need to find a new team

Perhaps 7 days is enough for them to get a clue?


I’d vote for that idea. Wait I’m agreeing with a genuinely great idea you have. What is going on :confounded:. :rofl:



That last part I’m crying!


Your Mayham is a breath of fresh air.

You got your vote from me.

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I was seeking a different gif (one with a Guinness beer) but these will do.




Inverse of this lol:

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Oh wow i had no idea…

I think this would be far funnier tho. Make recruiting easier lol.

Al of a sudden 28 people kicked out into the cold :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe 24 hours is a little bit short.
I think, to be casual friendly too, the auto kick should be done after 1 month of inactivity and then the alliance should also be automatically set to invite only, until the leader changes that again.
This would directly prevent others from joining a inactive alliance.


Holy crap a month

Well if that’s what people deem fair, then it sounds good to me

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Well, a month would be nothing, which would work anywhere near the top 1000, but there the issue isn’t even present.
And if I look at some of my teammates, then a month would be needed for some casual players.

For me, I also wouldn’t need that much time…
Usually 8 hours is the longest time, that I’m not in the game.
Only if I’m too busy at work, it could be up to 12 hours :sweat_smile: :joy:

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A fortnight is a good compromise between 24 hours and a month.


How do you remove team members that have not played in months. This includes team leader.

No one can kick the leader.

Leaders can kick coleaders, elders, members

Coleaders can kick elders, members

Elders can kick members

Members can’t kick anyone.


Members the bottom of the food chain, easy pray to the big and powerful, lol

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