Auto win should cost gems instead of loot tickets

Instead of auto win for one loot ticket make it auto win for 1 gem. 2 gems, if you must.

I agree. I don’t see the benefit to this at all. We’re going to get something for free that was free already and now it’s going to take up space in our reward rolls. I already hate the loot tickets and I’m sure they’re just going to pile up in my inventory because they do nothing.


I’d like to understand them. personally, i’m always short on Dragon bones and Orachulem nuggets (sp?). So if this a way i can basically get a duplicate loot drop for what i just received, then I’m ALL for these loot tickets.

…but i don’t know if that’s how they work. can i accumulate them and use multiple at one time if it’s a particularly good loot drop?

Having played this game a really long time, things you think you’ll never run out of eventually dry up it seems…so don’t be too quick to pass judgement here.

I want to see them in action - i could see them being very valuable to me if the above use is how they function.

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Geez, talk about being jaded.
A new feature was introduced (something most complain about not happening}.
It has only been one day!
Let it ride for a while, kick the tires, test drive it.
Don’t just immediately start knocking it.
Guys and Gals, this is a game, after all.


Free loot is free loot. Regardless of how pointless it actually may turn out to be. Heck, it may not be as bad as it sounds.

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This will probably come in handy in the middle of the night when you need to burn your world energy.


What’s a loot ticket? :rofl:
Is this in beta? Or is there a recent update not available for me yet?

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The loot ticket is in my General but I can’t use it. How does it actually work? Thanks a bunch.

From what I’ve seen on beta videos, starting now when you beat a province level on the map you will have the option of using the loot ticket to replay the level instantly so basically get the loot but don’t have to watch all the tiles and heroes hitting things. It expends a loot ticket and however much energy was required for that province level.

@xboom As for the update it seems they’re slowing rolling it out firstly through Android not yet through IOS yet

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Thanks! In that case, I would probably save them for when wanted missions are available to reset the timer sooner.

But these use world energy so they are NOT free. All that this gives you that you didn’t have before was 2-3 minutes of saved time.

Think of it this way–it’s a ticket that gives you 3 minutes. Nothing more.


X2 - this is what I liked about it in beta. You can also use it on 23-11 and get a buttload of items and experience without the hassle of killing the guy. That and filling chests goes faster, especially fire chests if you use 20-4.

By the way - this was explicitly created to address complaints that farming was boring or time consuming or whatever, so the devs listened and created these,


If you’ve played DragonSoul it’s just like a Raid Ticket there. No one in their right mind would play levels manually there since you get a ton more stamina there than here. Here since we don’t get that many of them I will save them for when I’m pressed for time and I would otherwise sit on full stamina so hi 5x stage 23.11 for 35 stamina used in 5 seconds instead of trying to fiddle with my phone during a long meeting and autoplay 6.8 or whatever.

If they turn up to be fairly common eventually and you still rather farm a lower level think of them as battery savers if you need it too. Walking outside when it’s freezing auto playing 12 levels will take its toll on an iPhone if you started under 40% battery. Now instant raid it once and back into the pocket you go.


Do you actually have to play through a level and then use the tickets or could you just click any completed level on the province and autoplay it x times without defeating it upfront?

You have to have beaten the level the hard way at least once, but afterwards the tickets seem to allow instant farming for as many repeats of the level as you have both tickets and world energy for.

Waaait so the loot tickets are just an option to skip watching autoplay?

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Not quite - they are a skip auto-play, with a guaranteed win. I can’t auto-play every map level and be sure of winning - my ceiling for that is somewhere in stage 20, at least last time I tried.
The ticket gives an absolutely guaranteed win result for the energy cost alone, even if you only originally completed that level by the skin of your teeth with one hero left standing, using battle items like water. Good way to get the loot from 23-11 cheaply if you’ve already finished the final level of Season 1.


The Loot Ticket can only be used to auto win a previously completed STORY stage. (No quests or events).

You can use as many tickets as you have (it is stackable).
If you have the world energy for it, you can immediately farm 23-11 5 times (or even more).
That is not 3 minutes.

When you are in need of recruits you just use the tickets to immediately farm 8-7 12 times (or even more).
That will immediately give you over 100 recruits.

I think the lazier players will really appreciate this. And daily workers who don’t wanna waste energy when at work too (for me that is the best feature of the Loot Ticket).

Btw, if you don’t like it, just don’t use it. There is no need to complain.

It is the same as voting for Abandon the Find Crafting Items Quest. Just don’t play it.


That’s stupid. We should complain, that’s the only way to improve anything. Something that you didn’t seem to see is that I said abandon loot tickets, not abandon auto win. It can cost gems instead of tickets and I, for one, would like it better that way.


It seems premature to suggest removing a new feature on the very first day, before anyone has a chance to play with it. I certainly can see some benefit to the things. Probably I’ll save them until I get a fire chest and use them to auto-farm 20-4 without the headaches.
Mind you, adding the ability to pay gems to do the same thing as the free loot tickets in addition to the tickets isn’t a bad idea, even if I personally would be unlikely to use it. The more options the better.


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