Auto Win option?

While farming, getting ready to battle, I saw a new option in lower left corner. “Auto Win”. What’s the result if used?

It requires both a “loot ticket” item, and the normal amount of energy to complete the mission in particular… And can only be used on a stage which you have successfully completed at least once.

The result is the loot screen that appears right after the victory banner… You just don’t have to watch the autoplay pretty much.


It also fills Monster chest! :slight_smile:


Loot Tickets (auto win) bypasses the need to fight/use items, even on very hard levels provided you’ve beaten the level at least once before.

I used my 1* hero to test on Province 22-3. Yep, still wins.

Since it’s a loot ticket, I would use it for farming levels that have stuff you need (or, say recruits, which you will also get). :wink:


Thank you very much Rook for your input. Not saying you implied this at all, I say this about myself often; “I’m not stupid, sometimes it takes a while for me to realize something!” Up to reading your blog, I never thought to use the tickets against Province teams!! I do understand a ticket and the usual energy are used. I’m nearly all the way through Province 23, but I’ve been so busy working on building War teams, battling Titans, building up my base, and raids… I haven’t got to Province advancement.

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