Auto Refill Titan Flags When Titan Defeated

Our titans are coming one right after the other now so with the refill of alliance flags at 3 hours, we literally lose the first 3 hours of attack time!! When we defeat a Titan, everyone who attacked should get an alliance refill as part of the loot. Just make it a flask. Every attacker gets whatever loot, but ALWAYS gets an ALLIANCE FLASK.


I like that idea it would help a lot

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I thought the refresh rate was four hours per flag not three. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yeah, it was six hours per flag, then reduced to four hours, with three flags maximum.

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I really don’t think from a design standpoint we’re supposed to be beating every titan we face; this change would be overpowered for the higher end alliances anyway if we all got flasks for every titan beaten.

There’s nothing wrong with going 7, 8, 8, 8 fail, 7, 8, 8, 9 fail, 8, etc. ad naseum or something like that… if we can’t beat the 8’s easily and repeatedly with time to spare we shouldn’t really be taking cracks at 9’s… unless it’s a Volcanic 9* :slight_smile:

Part advanced alliancing (yeah I know that’s not really a verb) is knowing when to simply let one go at the 11 hour mark vs. when to go for the kill.


Ok every 4 hours. Even worse!

We do not try to beat every titan. We discuss what we want to do before we tell the alliance what to do. But sometimes we have people on vacation or gone for whatever reason so our Alliance is not 100%. But if they don’t hit, they don’t get the auto reload. The auto reload has nothing to do with the number of stars and “beatability” of the titan.

Sorry Rook. I didn’t think my lack of homework on the flag regeneration would take away from my point. If we defeat a titan, the best developers should give us is a free refill as part of our loot. If not, they need to make sure the time between time of death and beginning a new titan is at least on 12 hours (4 hours x 3 flags = 12 hours to recharge).

Our last 2 Titans have been less than 30 minutes between time of death and new titan.

I find this idea unreasonable. It goes against the mechanic of the game and punishes the Alliances that didn’t kill a Titan, since the one that escaped wouldn’t drop the flask. It also gives mercs an unreasonable advantage, since they would earn a lot more flask that would then be used for a lot more merc and all that. Not to mention punishing players that just joined an alliance or the ones that got kicked and don’t have the extra flasks and so forced to be the last in damage and get worse loot.

The mechanic of the game IS dealing with the energies. If you finish a Titan right in the last minute, skip the next one and reset your streak, it’s that simple. If a Titan is too strong, skip it and wait for a next easier one. If you not sure how things will work out, try for the first 10 hours, when it has 12 hours left in the clock if you took half of its life, finish it off, if not, decide to skip it and you’ll start the next one with 3 energies, it’s really simple. Learn your limits and capabilities and work around that, that’s the leader and co-leaders job.


I agree fully with @Mai


You always have an hour from when the titan escapes until the next appears. Titans are on a 23hour cycle- plan accordingly.

The refill would make it so much easier to kill all titans and we wouldn’t have to calculate whether we should hit more or save up for the next titan. often I sit with a flag or two towards the end watching to see if alliance can kill it or if I’ll have to hit again.

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That’s a bad strategy though, if the whole alliance is doing that, you can behave the whole alliance sitting on energy.

The best option is to talk with people and do it as a group. I’m aware though that some Alliances are horriblely lead or filled with people that won’t talk. If that’s the case, Jump for another one, there are good ones around.


I see it as I’m in top 3 or 5 and I can hit more, but this allows others to up their damage for rewards. If I just hit all the time, I could get slightly better rewards on one titan, but will then have less energy for the next. I like to stay even across titans and always be in top 3 or 5. We communicate and will ask others to hit more or less depending on the situation…


I heard you the first time, I simply disagree; not every alliance kills their Titan at the last minute. Often alliances grow stronger and kill their Titans with more and more free time until they bump up to the next Titan level. I think the system is working as intended. :confused:

Mai is right.


We have this situation, after killing a titan, just before the time is up, we have only 1 hour to regenerate Alliance Energy.
Than you know, you can’t defeat the next one, because all your mates have to wait 12 hours for a complete refill.

We think, it would be nice, if we get an instant refill, after the titan is defeated.


That defeats the whole point of strategizing against Titans imo. One of the fun aspects of this game for me is coming up with Strategies against different Titans. Our Alliance started with killing 1* now we are at 7*. We do have to think about skipping a 8* if we are not starting with full flags or sometimes we have think about letting the heavy hitters not hit the titan after 11h mark so that they can start with full flags on the next one.

Hrm. Objectively maybe this would make sense from a game design perspective… but subjectively, well, I flatly hate ANYTHING which would make me burn even MORE consumables than I already am, because the farming situation is really really bad for the low level consumables that are so prized for titan fights currently.

So, sadly, no thank you :).

Mh, naaaah.
Too easy this way and best hitters get always on top.

I think it is fine the way it is - we message one another to figure out what to do in these situations, kill and lay down, use a flask etc. Usually I call off the heavy hitters when it is clear that we are going to take it not only to give us the 3 strikes on the new one but also so the newer folks can have all the ‘glory’ of killing a 5* titan. If we all got regenerated we probably wouldn’t chat as much :slight_smile:

You should at least be able buy alliance refills

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