Auto-play Options

I was inspired by @DaveCozy’s post here;

But did you guys ever try to auto-play a stage, say the super time-consuming season 2 stages? and then end up dying because you weren’t paying attention?

My suggestion is, there should be an option to auto-play Until the boss wave. The game will automatically stop autoplay at the last wave, and then we can choose to play it out ourselves without having to check once every few minutes to see if we reached the boss wave yet, and then suddenly see 4 of our 5 heroes dead at the boss.

I’d rather like to set up in the beginning how many consecutive autoruns will be made and a double speed feature would be very nice.

Then I wouldn’t be that sad about the decrease of lootix drops.


I can see how that would be useful, but at the same time, I’d want both if that was the case, because I’d have no idea how many turns it would take to reach the boss, and there’s a fear of overrun.

Double speed would be awesome, but then I’m wondering if it could possibly possibly potentially be abused for event runs?

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Yes, certainly it had to be deactivated for events.

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Not only this.
There should be an option to stop autoplay after each wawe too.
Very easy selections:
No stop/only before last pass/before every pass.
I’d 10000x more enjoy the game with this.

Honestly my suggestion is the auto play function in this game is very poorly designed and needs some better coding. It doesn’t consider the best possible action for the player at all, just brainless autonomy. There should be a quantity priority from 5>4>3 always, and a color consideration based on the opponent your in line with on the board. Secondly health considerations, it doesn’t make sense that the auto uses a special skill on an opponent with 5hp left. No does it make sense to use special skills like healing when people are full hp already or only slightly affected. They need to remove the brainless button mashing of the auto and program some basic logic into it.