Auto play and replay


The auto play is awesome. Can we expand it to include an auto replay of a level when we are just farming for experience? that way we dont have to keep checking every few minutes while farming.


Meaning we click a button and the game keeps farming, say, lvl 5-8?

I’m thinking that will not happen. :confused:


Farming experience, not food. It would be nice to just click to auto replay a level that you are using for experience or items to use all the red flags when you dont have time to check every 2 mins. An auto replay for the auto play. Does this make sense?


I understand you wanting the game to play for you, one level over and over, that you want to farm.

Aside from me thinking “if you can’t be bothered to click a button every two minutes to farm, why are you playing this game?” I also think such an auto-farm (using all world energy) would be an exploit to stay online and not get raided.

(Don’t worry, it sounds nice to me too :grin:, but I think it would be used for other purposes,)


Even at max world energy (what is that, 28??), you’re going to run out of energy and be able to be constantly online.

But I agree, devs have better things to spend their time on that catering to a few super-lazy folks.


The compendium was corrected. There seems to be a point where you sit getting no gain in total available world energy, then you start gaining it again. :slight_smile: (I’ve hit 34 world energy now). Either that, or after the compendium was initially published they increased the cap.