Auto on Raids

hello, i usually use the auto feature when mapping, farming mostly 8-7. even on titans is a great help when im busy but want to use at least a flag. i really like that coz i can do other stuff meanwhile. well i would love to have the same on raids, hoppe is posible.

What is the reason for playing this game if you want everything to happen automatically?

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Must really trophy drop to have such easy raids that you anticipate relying on autoplay to win.

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i like to play wars and the automatic for farming chest, but not everything on auto also but is good to use it sometimes.

yeah i farm on gold, easy battles. i don’t care much about trophy, the rewards are not great for having a lot of them. or maybe i just had bad luck, but i would love to have auto on raids to save time and be able to fill the chest with auto when im at work.

I’ve found somewhat better loot in Platinum, I don’t recall ever getting nonfarmables in gold, but at least 1 chest in 10 in platinum gives something good. I can still keep the raids pretty easy in platinum but definitely not autoplay easy.

Well if enough people want a feature maybe they should consider it but I would personally never use it for raids. Wouldn’t win in Diamond with it. I just also wanted to comment on using auto on titans. Be kind to your alliance and play that manually, auto is really terrible for that part of the game.

hi tnxs for advice :slight_smile: i know that auto is terrible to titans. i want to expllain something coz i think people may missunderstand me. i do not use auto all the time for everything. i like mapping and atacking titans. but sometimes (mostly when im at work) i can’t do that manually. so i just use auto to use flags. a hit on auto to the titan help more than just wait some hous until im back home. that’s why i love the auto feature as a tool to farm monster chest. i think it will be great to do in raids, even if only help in lower arenas. is just an extra option.

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