Auto Filled Legends Team

It is disingenuous at best and downright infuriating that E and P maintains a ‘legends team’.

This tricks users into using their best heroes on the first level because it’s autopopulating the prior legends team that went on the hardest level.

This may not be a bug precisely, but is definitely the opposite of quality of life! :rage::rage::rage:

Is it that much effort to change your team? :violin:

This is exactly what happens in literally every other event team, it will retain your last stored config. :frowning_face: :violin:

You use the same team for every Rare, Epic, and Legendary Challenge quest, Alliance Quest, Tower Quest, etc. etc. that you’ve not noticed that you need to change it/update it before…? :frowning_face: :pinching_hand: :violin:

Happy ranting :wolf:

This is my thought. All (or at least most) of these quests maintain their teams, so this isn’t a TOL issue alone.

But, we could use for a QOL update where it could better store our teams. This applies to TOL and COE teams by level. What I would most desire it specific teams for each Challenge Festival level.

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Ok, but many of us can auto play these lower levels. SG should have the forethought to not use this setting on events where it’s actually counterproductive.

I think it’s a case of your damned if you do, and damned if you don’t - becasue you know that people would complain if there wasn’t a stored configuaration too :smiley:

I definitely think teams per level would be a big help though, one for the overflowing suggestions box

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Still not a bug, moving to the ideas and feature requests section.


I’ve seen lots of people caught out by this but it still boggles the mind as to how. I just don’t understand it, but then I change my teams so often that I just do it automatically these days. I hate thinking that all those heroes in my roster are just sitting gathering dust and what’s the point of collecting all those heores to only use the same 5 time and again? Plus the earlier levels of events are a good time for me to test out some of my new unleveled heroes I may have picked up.

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm:


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