Auto Farm Tool?

Is it allowed to use an app to help you auto farm? If yes, how and where can I get such? Just sick and tired of spending hours every month auto farming.

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A bot? I would love that too but as far as I know, that is not allowed as it is a form of cheating by taking advantage of the farming loots and experience points with minimum effort. Once bots are introduced on a game, the game doesn’t last long as dedicated players will leave.


According to what Small Giant Staff have told us, no, they consider that a violation of the Terms of Service, and cheating.


Does small giant allow us to use bots ? Reason I ask is some people I try to revenge raid are always on line. There’s no way that your on line 24 hours a day .

I know many game with auto-farm tools included (QOL for players). In this game you must spend hundreds of hours for free because in EaP there are loot tickets (for money of course). Of course adequate players use bots

This is how the game forces players to be online more.

So my account where I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on won’t be shut down if I use a bot ? It’s allowed ?

Please Read zypher1 Post above ^^^^
By all means do what you want but don’t come back saying you got your account suspended and have to pay a fine, its unfair etc…

Yes it will ban!! bot are not allowed. Don’t listen to him if you don’t want to lose your account !

Can you tell me please where I can to read about it? For example
I read it and didn’t found any restriction for using bot. Or maybe any OFFICIAL STAFF (not zephyr1 or any others volunteer) responce on this forum with explain why user can’t use bots for farm?

Section 4 says you must comply with the Zynga community rules.

Section 6 paragraph A of the Zynga community rules expressly forbids the use of bots:,transfer%20is%20prohibited%20and%20void.

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It is a sadly that Zynga does not follow their own rules :slight_smile: Any adequate explain for this rule (except money)? I think Zynga developers not use frameworks and utilities in their work and create games in notepad :slight_smile:

Hi, I am also of the opinion that macro tools in Bluestack should be allowed for farming. As you wrote before, many games don’t see it as a problem. Besides, there is a difference between a cheat with a clock, for example, and simply making your life easier. The problem is that the creators are very often deaf to the suggestions of players, an example of which is the Hero Academy. Another is whether they can understand what is a real cheat and what is the concept in line with the trends in other games in the world. But what I can only write about because they don’t care anyway.
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@Rigs would love to dissect every membrane of the original post and any subsequent posters tending to agree with it.

Muting this thread.

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