Auto Farm Targeting

Its probably a silly request - but when there are 3 enemies on the board - is there a way to code 3-hitters like Drake and Richard to hit ALL 3 enemies with their special EVERY time (instead of sometimes auto targeting the corners and only hitting two)? I’ve played this game everyday for over 2 years - the grind is real LOL - I can grind even faster if the auto farm AI was as smart as the raid AI! Does this bug anyone else? Or am I the only one during auto farm constantly thinking, “YOU MISSED ONE!”

And while I’m at it, coding the AI to identify a 5 gem match on the board instead of some random 3 match of a color I didn’t even bring to the fight would be nice. I can see the AI is smart enough to swap gems over the intended target, SO THERE’S HOPE!

It’s all about the grind! I could gain precious seconds back in my life! And more importantly LOL I could confidently auto farm harder levels to obtain better mats knowing I wouldn’t come back to check my phone and see dead auto farmers that caught a case of the Wu Kongs…

You can click the middle enemy yourself if you want

But no these things dont bother me

Typically if I’m autofarming it’s because something else needs my attention so I’m not watching

It did bother me when i was pretty new though(less than a month playing) but it was a short lived nuisance

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Yes I find it VERY annoying and think it should be VERY easy to program. See my post in another thread:

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