Auto-demote inactive leaders

(Admittedly similar to the auto-kick leader thread)

If a leader stops playing, they become an unwanted obstacle and it threatens the alliance’s existence. I propose some sort of auto-demotion/promotion system to avoid this.

Our leader hasn’t signed in for over two weeks. Without comment, but even if a leader intended to take a hiatus for such a time, they should choose another player to replace them before they go.

My suggestion is to, once a week, auto-demote players that haven’t played for an amount of time (a fortnight? a month?) and auto-promote players (by activity) to replace them (assuming someone exists, and if everyone in the alliance is inactive you could remove it from the alliance search).


Is there a way to get rid of inactive leaders so we can make room for new players?


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I think you are talking about us. The Gay League. We started a new one.the
info is in the chat box. Everyone is welcome to join.Hats to do much more
when the leaders are MIA. So please come to the new alliance if you like.

Is the name of the new alliance The Gay League? Have you made an advertisement in the Forum under Alliance Recruitment yet? :wink:

Usually the leader paid the gems to set up the alliance. Members can leave at will. I don’t support auto kick, or auto demote unless the gems are refunded.

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I don’t see any negative to refunding the gems. If the ex-leader never returns, it will make no difference. If they do eventually return, think of it as a reward for rejoining.

Perhaps rather than auto-promoting someone to leader, once the leader is demoted then someone else has to spend gems to take place as a new leader.

That might put “Spender” ahead of someone who’s been there longer and who perhaps should take over instead. I’m not sure I like the idea of “Coin makes Crown”. :wink:


Nobody else may want to spend the gems. And it can’t be worse than the current situation of having a leader that’s quit. If someone wants to spend gems to revive an inactive alliance, good on 'em I say.

I can’t imagine a situation where players are slavering to take over. If someone wants to be a leader so badly, they can always make their own alliance.

You “can’t imagine a situation where someone is slavering to take over an alliance”. I sure can. Starting an alliance is way more than forking over the gems, its hard work. Recruiting is no picnic, either. If you are unhappy in your alliance, start your own. Do your own work. Take the people who want to go with you and leave the rest in peace.

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Azure, I think you missed the point. I’m talking about when an alliance has been ruined because the leader has quit the game, not about a license to usurp.

I genuinely don’t understand these threads. Leave…! Leave and go to another alliance. There are a lot of good active alliances out there and not hard to find either. E&P has a fantastic community of people with many resources to get to them. I left several alliances and found one I love on this forum. They’re active, fun, helpful, uplifting and overall good people from all over the world. You can have that too but you have to leave.

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I’ll try to explain. When you play in a group, you get to bond with people
in it. That’s human nature. To leave can’t help but seem like a betrayal.

Yes, I did eventually leave, and it did seem like a betrayal, but
eventually I bonded with the people in my new alliance too, and all is
well. However before doing that, and as a new player to the game, I was
tempted to quit the game altogether because I knew that the alliance I was
in was a dead end, because of the game limitation that the leader could
never be replaced even though they were clearly never going to return.

Now you may not care about that, but this thread may mean something to the
game developers. Did they want me to reach that situation where I almost
left? Do they want to take the chance of others doing the same? That was my

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I clearly didn’t see it that way. Thank you for taking the time to explain yourself.

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Hi folks. I was wondering if anyone here knew how to boot the leader of an alliance.

We have a fun, active alliance, but our leader has been inactive for 140 days. There’s no real reason to think he’s coming back.

We have a member who would be a good leader, but we don’t know how to change it.

Any help would be appreciated.

I’m afraid you can’t

We have been through this- and migrated to a new alliance

Read our story here

Happy to help / advise if you need it

My line id is annie_br


You can only migrate to a new alliance. Start one new alliance and call it “the cooler -name of your alliance-” and tell your mates to go there :wink:

Unfortunately, you can’t. The options are to stay in the zombie alliance, or move everyone to a new one.

Particularly if there are no co-leaders, I strongly suggest moving everyone to a new alliance that you create (or pick one to merge into, depending how many members you have).

A while back, prompted by a similar situation, @JonahTheBard put together a great guide on migrating the whole of an alliance to a new one:

Some similar threads for reference:

And some proposed game changes to address this:

(@Kerridoc @Rook Possible Merge of Topic)

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Hey, my alliance faced the same thing a while back. As others have already said, there is no way to boot the leader. We dissolved the alliance and re-formed. I didn’t read any of the resources, and they probably cover everything you need to do much more thoroughly, but here are a few important things we did.

  • Talk about it in the alliance long enough that everyone knows what’s going on. Encourage even your relatively quiet members to speak up so you can take their thoughts and opinions into account.

  • Choose your timing. We wanted to wait until we opened a war chest, since we were very far along on our current one.

  • Change the name of the current alliance (hopefully you have an active co-leader who can do this).

  • Choose who will start the new alliance and make sure everyone knows the name. For us, we used the same name (which is why it was critical to change the name of the old alliance). Obviously the new leader should be active, so this problem doesn’t recur.

  • Add a note about what happened in the alliance description, including the new alliance’s name.

Having been through it, it’s not a fun situation. But it was worth it to make the effort to change, and everything went reasonably smoothly for us. Hope it does for you too.


Thank you all so much for your help. Seems like a glitch Small Giant would want to address.

We’ll be able to handle what you’ve suggested as that’s what we were thinking of doing anyway.

The bit about changing the name is a great idea that we hadn’t thought of.



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