Auto censore

Now that S5 has arrived, and there’s a lot of talk going on inside alliances about it, I just noticed we can’t say “a s5”


“It’s more likely to pull a s5 hero”

How it looks like in chat:

“It’s more likely to pull *** hero”

I mean c’mon, can this just be fixed?

Lol, and if anyone’s curious about the context, it was me complaining about pulling Thorne with the coins xd

This is because 5 is similar to S.

A + two of this letter is a word to be censored…

A$$ is what it is all about though

The correct English is “an S5”. Try that.

I mean english isn’t my first language, but I do use it quite a bit and the general rule of thumb with “A” and “An” is consonants for “A” and Vowels for “An”

So how is “an S5” the correct way to spell it?

Yea, I know the reason for it, but it’s just stupid and now that we’re in the middle of S5, it’s going to be pretty impractical.

When you speak the S is pronounced as “ess” so it starts with a vowel. The general rule follows pronounciation. So “a S5” as in “a ess five” sounds wrong. Thus if you spoke that it would be “an S5”, and that is then how it is also written.


As @nevarmaor says it’s all about pronunciation, e.g., it’s ‘an hour’ as the h is more-or-less silent.

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