Auld Nick's Souls Shop.... Part of The Shop Family...Hell is empty, the devils have a new home

Love the banner… very nice indeed :hugs:

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Very nice ads tekaa :+1: love it!! :heart_eyes:

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Love this add…I’ll use it to scare the kids later :joy:

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What if you don’t have a soul? Can we still come and playyyyyyyyy? :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

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No soul, you say?

Well, I’m sure we can come up with sooome way for you to pay off your debt to the devil.

Brush up on your off-colour jokes, dust off the lewdest albums from your music collections, and come kill some titans with us! Then maybe we’ll call it even. :wink:


Step in my chamber and we can discuss it… :smiling_imp:

Not sure about wandering souls but I have a pair of hush puppies with worn soles…and broken laces. They really are fit to be tied.

Badum tss :drum: keep following me ppl r gonna start talkin… Im a bad influence and tight with the dark side…

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Learn for the best…drop in to Auld Nick’s and start your training.

Peeping from the shadow looking for a lost soul out there

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One time at EnP camp…farsight telescope…

Plenty of room here for newbies who wanna learn the ropes then step up to the next house.

I’m way too much of a noob to qualify for an alliance.

Yeah you’re probably a level 80 if I had to guess

When I uninstalled 10 months ago I believe I was level 97.

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Figured as much :rofl: congrats for getting out of the labrynth …Now help me recruit the lil ones just starting. I need new souls to stay young. :rofl:

Show them how big your titans are and that is sure to get attention. Them joining could be a nice pair.

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Lmao… If I did that they would never wanna let me leave… I eventually wanna retire like u :rofl:

Oh wait, u meant starred titans… My bad.
New shop and baby titans. Just a training house and platform to next house in the fam.

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If you are teetering on leaving, you should keep them abreast. Sometimes though players just pop out abruptly after a tit for tat argument with a player acting like a boob.

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