Auld Nick's Souls Shop.... Part of The Shop Family...Hell is empty, the devils have a new home

Happy to take anyone under 4k TP.

Auld Nick’s Soul Shop is now open as the newest shop in The Shop Family. Perfect for beginners and souls trying to find their way in the E&P universe!

Come join our newest addition to the family! Plenty of encouragement and help available from our other shops if you want to learn.

Taking all levels. Be a trainer… Join as a noob… Just don’t be whiny… Be a fukwit :smiling_imp: :popcorn:

Weekend bump! Hey newcomer (to be) join our party :beers:

No whiny? What about being a wino? Is that hic ok?

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Look who u r talking to… never met a liquor or wine that I didn’t approve of and damn you rumplemintz… still looking for that pair of pants

Accepting all levels … Come play with me :smiling_imp:

Just opening up… Come play with me. Accepting all adults any level

Join the shops family!! A place for you to grow or nurture :+1:

Only 2 of us here right now… Come help us “rise to the occasion” … :biting_lip:

The more the merrier :beers:

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Yup still here…

Become a new soul and join part of the Shop Family

We accept all levels of player, a fukwit is a MUST!!


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Wooot woooot let the freak flags fly :rofl:

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:biting_lip: damn u read my mind … My sexy dark angel

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Night bump :purple_heart: :sleepy: we still waiting for the lost soul to come home!