August HOTM

Any ide on August HOTM? Stats and skills?


Drake Lee is the reason I’m conflicted between doing a few 10x pulls during next month’s Avalon or saving those gems for Season 2 pulls. Fast 3-target damage + blind looks very useful, and his stats look pretty solid.

In beta I was very underwhelmed by Drake. Didn’t have enough punch, and the blind isn’t very powerful compared to Joon. He’s kinda a mid-way hero between Joon and Musashi, certainly not unuseful but not lustworthy IMO.


Sorry it s french version


When is the season 2 supposed to go out?

Saison 2 September 2018

How does he compare to Musashi?

He looks very sad…

20x I am not a moderator

Oh, wow, Dragon Lee? That makes so much more sense. “Drake” can mean that, but drake usually points to a male duck. Didn’t seem very heroic to name a hero after a duck.


Just effing call him Bruce LOL

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Tell that to @Mr_Daniel_Duck! :joy::joy:

I’m sorry but a Bruce Lee inspired card should have a base attack of 1400 and then just don’t even bother with a special skill.

The man is the weapon!

Creative / balance team gone done screwed this one up. They’re stuck in their creative box :stuck_out_tongue: (or, couldn’t figure out how to balance it. Whatever. Swing and a miss as far as I’m concerned! )

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I’m not a fan, I’m sorry to say. It breaks the willing suspension of disbelief for me… doesn’t fit the canon at all imho.

And Tekken beat them to it about 20 years ago…


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Marhsall Law’s double flip kick always annoyed me.

Yer, my brother unlocked every character in about an hour just kick flipping all the way to Kazuya and then changing character.

Eddie Gordo from Tekken 3 onwards was an even worse button masher!

This Bruce Lee card seems ok rules wise…I just don’t see him as a fantasy character

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Sorry but, is this true?
HOTM of Aug?

That’s what’s anticipated by the community. The usual HotM color cycle would be due for a yellow hero in August, and this one was what they tested in the last beta. It’s still possible SG could still do something unexpected though.

Bruce lee should be a water hero…

“Be water, my friend!”


A drake is a mythological creature. Essentially a dragon but without wings.
The Hydra is basically a drake with multiple heads.