August 2023 Balance Update - Discussion

This is why i dont spend money.

Somebody doesn’t spend money here

They backstep people with knife’s in their backs…

After the jove portal??? And before the war. No respect anymore.

Definitly lost a big sponsor. I quit playing this game


Please give aether reset tokens for nerfing alpha taunt as well. How can you not?


Which “sponsor” is that?

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Actually text edited because they messed up, again! Like with the POG quests


Totally agree, why they only gave to Jove owners… how nerf of taunt is different !


Coca Cola, Bud light are looking elsewhere too

I guess my 5900 teams were all lucky single pulls. Go cry more :slight_smile:

My big wallet little guy

Sure thing. Thanks for the laugh, “big guy” :joy:

Thank you for unbalancing this game even more SG.
With Alpha taunt now useless there are even less weapons to fight an Aramis tank.
Now any team with Aradia, Aramis and Hippo is nearly invincible except you have the same op heroes.
Do you think this is the right way to get people spending (again)?
I doubt it! Every nerf destroys trust. No business (money) without trust.
You dig your own grave with the constant nerfs…

Happy gaming


All nerf to alpha taunt did was make Aramis even stronger. This game is so frustrating when it constantly releases OP things, collects money, and then changes it. Leave it and just come out with heroes that counter like this month’s hero. Jove was OP but taunt was a way to manage him. It’s just dumb how people learn to play the game and come up with ways to counter what’s released and then things get changed. Also right before war and during a tournament. Nerf heroes is fine if they are free. The heroes being nerfed are not free for 99.9% of the community. Played for 6+ years and nothing ever changes


bringing alpha taunters vs multi hitters aint no rocket sciene to me :sweat_smile:

as soon as alpha taunt was in beta it was clear that this is by far the strongest of those extra powers and will be widely used as soon as its available

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Some reset tokens for alpha would be good of you to send out to us. Destroy heros is not ok!


Why you don’t go and … Who are you to to tell me to calm down, they again rubbish me money and you are here to tell me to calm down, you are not the man to tell this, so please don’t respond or tag anyone if no one wants tag you


While I absolutely agree with you and have stopped spending myself, others haven’t or are spending more to offset anyone who’s reduced/stopped. They screwed Ludwig knowing many have taken him in SE and invested mats to LB2 him yet nothing was given…like they did for anyone that had LB2ed Jove.

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Sharing thoughts and opinions on the August update for those interested.

Thank you!


Geez, this is a public forum, so I comment when I want to :slight_smile: you have to cope with that, sorry!
I understand the pain following the nerf hammer, but your comment was a little bit over the top. Jove still hits line a truck and gives a brutal ailment. He is not nerfed into oblivion like M&M or other candidates.


Always enjoy your takes, @OldCynic! :slightly_smiling_face: