August 2023 Balance Update - Discussion

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Those changes to the costume bonsues are huge!! I mean, I can’t wait to pull out my Challenge Festival costumed heroes again with those buffs that’s for sure, and C. Heimdall’s going to be even happier once he’s levelled :smiley: Now i’m thinking about if I need to think about C. Skadi too…

The change to Jove is absolutely needed though and welcomed, so glad to see that’s come through. I’m also perfectly fine with Aether Power Taunt getting reduced by 1 turn. It doesn’t mean that they can’t get their taunt back up again still within that time at least :slight_smile:

No complaints about the other buffs to older heroes :slight_smile:


Not happy with the taunt change, it were the only thing helping recovering from bad starts.


the buffs are overall great! (nerfs i don’t prefer in general)

glad to see underperforming heroes get some love!
hopefully more to come!
i may max some of them

Mica could use +1 turn of buffs for each charge
Roostley could have a secondary effect or his attack drop to be lowered.
the rest are great

Edit: The classic heroes costume bonus need to be buffed for single costumes and also double costumes.


at least they waited some days after jove portal :sweat_smile:

as much as i built my offense teams around auto taunt and it will make them significant weaker but it was about time they cut that alpha taunt crap for one round

but unfortunately it also makes ithar weaker which i did some interesting test with where she played that auto taunt part with stealing it very fast from opponent

and time to bring in mica again - with the mana boost on first charge he now makes fast heroes very fast
although buff looks small thats a biggg upgrade to mica


It’s costume bonus. cGuardian Panther is the biggest beneficiary


we all know what will happen in September after next portal featuring hippo closes…

so to all - be careful with maxing your hippos - you will enjoy it being as strong as hippo is right now only a short period of time …


Nothing will happen. Hippo doesn’t have a costume. Unless it has one coming next time it comes around.

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Not that it matters after the buff, but the current CF costume bonus is 7/7/13/5 and not 8/8/12/5 as in the announcement


You should have released this information before you add Phorcys in last portal. many players spent a ton to get him and another ton to get the alphas to max him. On top of that making it activated few hours before the war is a dumb strategy. Apparently you guys will never stop this madness. You should play your game to know how it’s work.


you think they just changed her now being featured for fun?

or maybe they want to make some final money on her before nerfing hippo & buffing becky next month? :sweat_smile:

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This is one of the most fair and balanced ones yet. No doubt the taunt nerf is due to rush wars. With very fast mana that limited window of charging your heroes is very difficult. Shrubbear is the biggest loser.

On a selfish note, finally my rarely used Sir Roostley got some love.


Hmmm, rush wars? I can’t read Kalo’s stoneskin in the list! :joy::joy::joy:


Hippo was released at the end of January 2023. They don’t need to release a costume for her just yet. I wonder who they’re buffing from S3 that they’ll have to nerf right after in favor of someone else.

Or maybe I just don’t care to be a pessimist or embroil myself into a conspiracy until there is something tangible to gripe about :man_shrugging:


I’l quit playing this game if they down grade all the older players like jove… horrible makers… with all those OP new heroes coming? Come on!!! If they are really going to do this, than they are losing a sponser. Because i definitly quit.


They ‘re f**king crazy :rage::rage::rage::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


So Atlantis costume bonus who was finally in pair with the other ones will be weaker again? Ok, you will kill this portal for good. Idk why the company insists with this crap.

When 4* costumed heroes will get a decent buff? Is it ask too much?

Jove skill will be nerfed, ok, so he deserves the buff in their stats like a lot heroes of the game received or the intention is to kill the hero?


Where is Aramis :rage::rage::rage::rage:, this is not fair.


I couldn’t agree more that Aramis needs to have the ailment immunity be at least be made dispellable. I don’t care about the rest of his kit, but that is the one thing that makes him so dominant.