August 2022 TENTATIVE Calendar (Events: Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages Of Omega, Valhalla, Dynasty Of Dunes, Tavern Of Legends, Challenge Festival 2, Mythic Titan, Underwild, Atlantis, Soul Exchange, Magic Tower, and Covenant Of Champions)

Good Morning!


I know you are very busy but I would have a forecast of when the official calendar for September will be posted, a very anxious and restless community waiting for the calendars. Thanks for the attention!


Have been checking the forum multiple times daily last week looking for september 2022.
I don’t even care if I theoretically should be able to guess most of it.
Still looking forward to actually seeing it.

And again a shout-out to all the lovely calender makers like @Zartanis and @VeryQuietly for their work!


The next costume event will be September, right?
If so, any rough ideas when it may be?
I have 35 keys I have got from chests etc since the last 1 so I am looking forward to trying to get some I don’t have -

The oracle’s prediction above


I don’t even have many round 1 costumes for 5* (Quintus and Magni only), so I am happy with any others + C2.

Much appreciated

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im still missing sabina =(

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I chased Sabina’s costume for so long!
I am missing Gormek costume, despite having done over 150 pulls over time
Have gotten lots of the 5*, but still no Gormek.
But will continue to save my keys until all second costumes are ready

yeah, thats my plan aswell

Office new calendar for September is out:

Covenant of Champions is colliding with Atlantis Rises :frowning:

Probably there will be a quest this time as V51 will be released on 12th of September.


It looks like Staff thought otherwise :slight_smile:

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Indeed, glad it’s coming sooner and that we will have the v51 with finally the actual quest.
As I said in that message, it was the information I had “as of now back then” and was completely preliminary (ie subject to change) since the actual event/quest hasn’t been released to the current version yet.
I can always give you the information I have but I can never guarantee that SGG won’t change their plans.


Yes, SG can change their mine any time.
Maybe that’s why they moved event to 1 week earlier to have enough space between the two Champions events.

And now the question is what will be the featured heroes.
I suspect we will know it before the event, as I am expecting the event to return to Beta + Maybe the new heroes will be mentioned in V51 released notes.


Only good thing is costume chamber but it was adapted to greedy mode so I’m not sure it’s a good thing. We probably will have to play twice as before for the same loot.

Not mentioning the OP costume bonhus + newer costumes they will release as excuse to keep S1 heroes that medíocre. And only legendaries are going to be released… Lol

Gargoyles… Annoying gameplay… Overpowered heroes and a chaotic balancing history :face_vomiting:

Another tower… nobody asked :face_vomiting:

Covenant champions… Rushed event they are trying to put down in our throats for that imbecile 400gem/summon :face_vomiting:

War of three kingdoms… Not even need any other words :face_vomiting:

What a chaotic month. The hotm current form in last beta test was also meh.


@Petri I would like some clarification on the duration of the War Of 3 Kingdoms as an extra day has been put in. What are the phases’ duration? Does the battle phase get an extra day? Thank you.

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I see only 5 days for W3K on SGG which sounds totally normal for me:

  • D1: sign up phase
  • D2: matchmaking and preparation phase
  • D3: first day of battle
  • D4: second day of battle
  • D5: reward/conclusion phase with the portal still on to spend the coins
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It was always 5 days long:


Que trabajo mas bonito.gracias

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Thank you, it is what happens when compiling late in the evening. I will update when my workday is done and anything else I missed.

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Rebel Forces. have you actually noticed that most of the prices have gone down, not up. 15 Valhalla tokens cost 15 UK pounds, thats quite a drop - and its not the only one. - but complaining is just so much more fun.

I didn’t said a single thing about offer prices? Lol. Also just because prices went down in your country that doesn’t mean it was worldwide. Not happened here for example. I don’t care honestly. None of these events are fun for me and I feel free to complain.

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