August 2022 Calendar is out : How does it work for you?

I’m not overly please tooth not knowing what exactly covenant is… Should i save gems. Should i not… It makes my white decision making process feel flawed because i lack the information.

Ok… I read up on it… 400 gems… They are trying to change the game economy so we accept 400 as the new status quo… So styx, season 6, everything moving forward will be 400 gems per pull. We need… To not pull… And send the message that we do not accept their attempts at changing the in game economy.


the points made about Valhalla Forever and Tremors of the Underwild being as beneficial as Atlantis Rises are objectively incorrect.

the accompanying chart lists potential loot rolls for each of the various map stages. Season 3 and 4 only get their flag requirements reduced for their respective events while Season 2 also gets a 50% boost to loot. the number of materials gained per level farmed is higher during Atlantis Rises than any of the corresponding map stages in the later seasons during their respective events. the only advantage over Atlantis that the later seasons have is XP per flag.


I currently have 2000 gems and 60 challenge coins. The challenge coins are for CF2. The gems are being saved for Black Friday. However I really like the look of Tahir so it is possible I may end up using them in August.

@Zartanis calendar august please:)))

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Very soon, by tomorrow at the latest. :slight_smile: @G.allin.A


I like the saying… You can choose two… Fast, free, or well done.

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Hey greetings to all, im I wrong or this time SE is earlier!?

It seems to be more of a 12wk as opposed to 3months rotation, but until a few more in it’s hard to get a definitive pattern


One of the funniest and flawed comments I’ve read today. Each to their own, and your opinion is your opinion… I suppose.

100% agree. It’s the only time I “farm” and when I’m studious enough, I have enough backpacks and crafting materials aplenty. I don’t bother farming any other time. IMHO, the only reason SG cut AR back a day… It was too popular! Instead they monetize the farming experience… Monster lure $$$$ :rage:.

The sad REALITY. :disappointed_relieved:

Back on topic, thank you @Zartanis and the rest of the calendar team for all your efforts. :trophy:


Objectively by having reduced energy vahalla and tremors events and a shorter AR, the total improved farming days have increased. While season 2 may be the best for materials out of the 3, having 3 events is better than having only atlantis rises to farm. So I can see how the comprehensive view @dansing mentioned makes sense while being able to agree that season 2 is the best to farm of the bunch if the desired outcome is materials.


Lol this one is the one

Thanks for seeing my point correctly….

The 6 extra days of V & UW deliver a LOT more than the one extra day of Atlantis … which is being popularly demanded by many.

Unfortunately, I still see many emotional statements, which shows to me that those players are not maximising V & UW = missing out on mats, coins…

I only farm 1.1 & 1.2 in all the three…. Which should establish my no interest in chasing XP.

  • my aim is maximum auto farming runs = to collect maximum mats.
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Six days of farming vs just one day? I don’t know about you, but I’d rather NOT farm for six days, if I can plan my game time to just farm for one.

Oh my … :person_facepalming: Agreeing to disagree is not an emotional statement. Although I’m not sure why you dismiss the requests of a plethora of players to bring back another AR day, as not valid. Yet jump to thank the one poster that supports part of your supposition.


FWIW, Draerius also mentioned…

It’s true, I don’t farm at all during V & UW… Mostly because I spend enough time on the game already, and I’ve completed the S3&S4 missions. For me, diligent farming is reserved for AR. You play the game your way, and I’ll play the game my way… And I still have my mats to craft what I want when I need, and thousands of recruits in my TCs.

There is no one size fits all in this game.

Btw thanks for the schedule @dansing - super helpful factual information.


I was really hoping for Gargoyles in August to use up my challenge coins…

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LOL I farm AR, VF and UW all, and AR is still the best by far as many have said. I’m hardly missing out on mats and coins because I farm all of them.

I haven’t seen anyone ask to remove VF and UW, but to add a day to AR.

Now explain me this: sure, removing all days of VF and UW to add one AR day would hurt us… but has anyone asked that here?

Now keeping VF and UW the same but adding one day of AR would surely be a best case scenario eh :slight_smile:

But oh well, you don’t seem to want an extra day of the best event for farming, so…


Superb idea! You’d have my vote :trophy:


No they don’t. AR’s loot is increased by 50%, VF’s and TU’s aren’t.

“Huge” may be a strong word, but I’d call 33% more coins and crafting mats pretty significant.

Since when has math been emotional? I must’ve missed the memo.

I like VF and TU too, as I appreciate having more opportunities to farm crafting mats and coins at a reduced WE cost, but claiming that they’re are as beneficial as AR is factually wrong.

Now to answer your question, I love August’s schedule.

I’m looking forward to CF2 and will unload the tons of challenge coins I’ve been hoarding for months in hope of getting Tahir, Cillian, Marcel, and if the RNG gods are with me, an event 5* (Emilio please :pleading_face:).

And if I don’t get Tahir there, I’ll still have ToL, S4 and S5 (if I want the featured heroes) to try and snag him. I like my chances.

I was saving my gems and tower coins for Styx, and it will be in September, giving me a shot at another good hotm, so it’s setting up perfectly for me.

Add Soul Exchange and a chance at magic troops to the mix, and I couldn’t ask for much more.


In my book, it’s just sensible to concentrate time and effort on the best farming event of the 3 :wink: and with enough WE flasks, you can certainly fill up your forges and TCs for a while :slight_smile:


@Sarah2 : I am not speaking about you specifically BUT. clearly, you seem to be focused ONLY on me :slight_smile: :bouquet:

I like 6 extra days of economical farming for reasons already stated and hence support - commend SG / game for providing it.

  • If they can provide an extra day of Atlantis = …good… I support that too…
    for me an extra day of Atlantis doesn’t matter bcoz, 6 days of V & UW give 3 times that extra day of Atlantis would give.
  • So, today, we players have much more of everything available via V & UW :wink:

Again, I don’t pay attention to emotional statements :smile:

In my book too… I would like to do that too :wink:
That option isn’t available at this moment in the game :smile:
I optimise what is available & possible instead of spending time thinking & being sad about what is not available… :wink:

Also, I have NEVER stated ANYWHERE that an extra day of Atlantis should not be given.

  • I would be happy to get that… :wink:

In the end, without much effort, I have loads of everything…bcoz

  • 6 extra days farming (V & UW) = 144 x 6 days = 864 WE available free instead of just 144 WE from one extra day of Atlantis.
  • Depending on one’s level …calculate how many flasks. For me, that is 13+ flasks.
  • Rest we all are clever to understand & calculate.

Happy gaming & farming :slight_smile: