August 2022 Calendar is out : How does it work for you?

Yes, I have fixed it above :slight_smile:

I am expecting a Tower Festival, which will combine the Tower of Magic and Ninja Tower just like the Challenge Festival.
We have no information on such event, so it is just a guess from me.

Sorry, I can not do anything with that :frowning:

Only Staff can adjust it, and as we see they are reducing it bit by bit :frowning:


I’m sad about that. It’s a good event.

Why are they adjusting it?

As I said this is just a guess from me.
I have 0 information on such plans from Staff.
So it can might not happen.

Looks like between Tahir and Challenge Event 2, there are some good summoning prizes for most players coming up.

And yeah, any portal without s1 vanillas is a treat :wink:


Oh yea, no curse too, nearly forgot about that, that’s something really frustrating with ninja and magic tower, especially if you are not trying to perform but just complete the event so you go cheap on items and without tornadoes, you sometimes just can’t avoid curse… I can’t work around the class restrictions no problem :smiley:

No costume chamber??

I personally think it’s too good to be true. The twin towers are very much still relevant and the portal of the combined towers would be too good if S1s are excluded.

No since costume chamber alternates with tavern of legends and we just got the former in July already.
You should definitely read the latest Event Cadence Update :+1:


Who knows, just a guess but I don’t think it would be a crazy idea for next year. Festivals with no season 1 portal are actually great for new players and F2P/C2P players lagging behind without the latest heroes so they can catch up a bit and don’t lag too much behind all the whales. I really think it’s great to keep them (me included) motivated. And let’s be honest, if that ever happens, ninja and magic heroes will actually be quite outdated so what’s the problem to let them be in a season 1 free portal? It’s a win-win situation for both SGG and the players :smiley:


There are 8 days of 3 WE season options every 28 days …
Atlantis duration increase won’t happen, is not required & has no major benefits… in actual practical game play.

It’s just the habit that makes players want more of Atlantis…. I too was part of that mindset
I realised that Valhalla & Underwild give similar benefits = mats, coins, Better XP at 1.1 & 1.2 level where I do all my farming…. = technically we have 8 days of Atlantis, if one wants to REALLY see REALITY :grinning::wink:

Sorry but that’s just wrong for the majority of players. Yes W.E is reduced, but the benefits of VF and S4 pale in comparison to AR.

If all you are doing is farming XP sure it’s no difference, but if you are looking for improved Loot/ extra recruits then AR is the only game in town.

For the other two the improvement is only if you find the gnomes or bats. Which you can only find by luck and only a certain amount per day. Whereas in Atlantis doesn’t matter what level, if special enemy or not, how many special enemies found, the loot bonus is still there.

This is without the consideration that you need to have completed a certain number of stages in previous seasons to be able to access S3/4 map.

I don’t expect them to extend AR, they pretty much said themselves in last year’s Q & A that it was too beneficial to players which is why we now have these lesser versions for later seasons


Sorry, but this is also not technically reality, is it? yes, VF and Underwild give coins, but:

a) the chance to get coins is reduced. if you see the gnome/bat, you only get a chance of their coins. with the AR Sea Dragons, you ALWAYS get a coin…

b) VF and Underwild have limits/caps for number of gnomes/bats. AR does not

a+b combine to make the farming for coins easier and more rewarding in AR, compared to VF and Underwild


c) the heroes in each portal are different anyway, so even if I collect Valhalla coins it will not help me get, say, Poseidon or Proteus

so increased Atlantis duration would have a lot of benefits…


I really want him too. I don’t have any red heroes to work on and red trainers are taking too many roster slots!
So this month I will definitely pull in S5 portal, but I’m not sure if I want to spend all my coins. Currently I can do 10 pulls with coins, so maybe I will do just 5.
Then Tavern of Legends, I have saved some coins too, so I should have about 4-5 pulls.
CF II is the main even for me next month. I will have about 50 coins and I’m going to do one 10-pull. I don’t have so many rare and epic heroes that I’m sure I get a lot of new and unique heroes.

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Well, habits do blind the habitual dependent.

I prefer my practical experience instead of an emotional one…bcoz an emotional one will many times lead of self disappointment = most times, it is created by the self…

I am looking at the whole 28 days cycle and not just 2 days of Atlantis for my “OVERALL” game contribution of mats that people keep asking for … & keep expecting that more Atlantis time will solve it for them…

  • I get enough bag packs from 8 days of cheap 3-WE farming to now run 2 TC2, both at 25 days & now have additional 10,000 BPs in stock.
  • It get enough swords = currently 14,000+
  • I get enough nuggets, grimoire, root, iron ore, etc etc etc…
  • Since I farm 1.1 & 1.2 for speedy turn around on auto-farm in all the 3 … Atlantis gives least XP than V & UW.
    SG knows all of this… practical reality !

Hence, I said the above…

  • The game is about all 28 days collection of things and not just 2 days… of Atlantis.
  • 6 days of V & UW delivers a good quality…
  • One extra day of Atlantis won’t give anything huge, which few people think… THOUGH, personally, I don’t care if they increase it to 3 or keep it at 2.
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Well i want the new hotm aswell but i got 3 klaerns so would say im outta bonus draws for a while .

Can we cancel all these towers? They are sooooo annoying


Oh I do towers with barely any items, I just have a mountain of healers so I can do that lol. 3x costume kashrek, 3x costume tusk, 3x costume Kiril for example… Many more healers, most of which are 4*.

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I try to do all my flasks in season 4 (used 21 last round), but with season 4, 3, and 2 I just use the flasks as I can. I focus on later 3 energy stages to blend exp / troop output per flag. Not going to get to the EHT levels by doing lower exp maps.


Sorry if slightly off topic, but someone makes an awesome version of this calendar with the featured hero’s etc. Any idea when that will be available (if it will at all)?


Right now our talented Calendar creators have not added a topic for August, but it will be visible under this tag:

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