August 2022 Calendar is out : How does it work for you?

If my (very rusty) Spanish is correct, this is asking “Do we know what heroes will be in the Soul Exchange?” and the answer is, “No, no sabemos nada.” (No, we don’t know anything.)

Native speakers feel free to laugh at me. It’s be a LONG time.


Styx is 300 gems per summon.
Covenant is 400 gems per summon.

Extra revenue of 100 gems per summon in August by having Covenant instead of Styx.

If summon activity is as per normal for Covenant, meaning that players, who usually summon, went ahead to do their usual summons with no grumbles
=> it’s probably okay to push Styx up to 400 gems!!!

If Second SE was any indication, we won’t know who the candidates are going to be until the day of its release.

But worry not, you will be offered Legendary Tokens that can only summon the 20 Vanilla 5* (with no costumes) for purchase if you are a few chips short and want to make a play at any of the 15 candidates.


My priorities would be:

Tavern of Legends – for the game play only :rofl: I do enjoy the challenge of it
Challenge Festival II
Soul Exchange – I actually have enough dupes this time :+1:
Covenant of Champions? – need to find out more about this

Rest as I have spare time to kill.


Yes, this is what I expect as well.

Or, for the same price, you could feed and quarter a small army overnight (in real life!) :laughing:

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Yes, that will be the best Tower ever.
No Curse, and just 50 levels :slight_smile:


August balance update:

Buff on every heroes inside challenge festival 2

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I think in late August / early September the Styx heroes will receive a balance update.

Nyx and Hypnos will receive some HP, attack and defense a small increase about 3-4% to match with the new Styx heroes.


For sure they will, just like penolite and Gaillard received. Of course, very needed buffs.


If the two early bird Styx heroes aren’t buffed before Styx Tower launches into live game, it’s a clear indication that Zynga/SGG is planning a new direction. :rofl::joy:

Love all of it. Pull in S5 and festival until a bunch of hotm the wait for Convenent

Ok, read about the Covenant of Champions …

It looks like I will be treating this one just like the Tavern. Fun to play but definitely not prioritizing the portal.

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After going c2p from recently, nothing exciting for me this month except magic troops and will make 15 or so summons in cf2

Best wishes @Noble_Weasel :+1:
Of course to each one of us.


I wrote in beta feedback ….calling it a hybrid of Tavern & Atlantis portal…. = a costly dupe :rofl:


I feel, they will reduce it to 350 for covenant portal with the ascension chest…

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I’ll be spending my hard-earned gems in Challenge Festival II. Then I get to save up for next year’s :partying_face:

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:rofl: That “Tahir will visit you soon…” sounds creepy :face_with_peeking_eye:
Especially, bcoz the fellow whacks badly, whoever he will visit….remember, you only posted that fellow’s specials for us :wink:

I m sure you meant : “ You will get Tahir” :grinning:


What tower festival?

@PlayForFun Make AR 3 days again instead of 2! Please and thank you!