August 2022 Calendar is out : How does it work for you?


  • 2022-07-27T07:00:00Z2022-08-01T07:00:00Z: Ninja Tower

  • 2022-08-01T07:00:00Z2022-08-04T07:00:00Z: Valhalla Forever

  • 2022-08-04T07:00:00Z2022-08-08T07:00:00Z: Season V

  • 2022-08-08T07:00:00Z2022-08-11T07:00:00Z: Tavern of Legends

  • 2022-08-11T07:00:00Z2022-08-15T07:00:00Z: Challenge Festival II

  • 2022-08-15T07:00:00Z2022-08-17T07:00:00Z: Mythic Titan

  • 2022-08-18T07:00:00Z2022-08-22T07:00:00Z: Tremors of Underwild

  • 2022-08-22T07:00:00Z2022-08-24T07:00:00Z: Atlantis Rises

  • 2022-08-22T07:00:00Z2022-08-24T07:00:00Z: Soul Exchange

  • 2022-08-24T07:00:00Z2022-08-29T07:00:00Z: Tower of Magic

  • 2022-08-29T07:00:00Z2022-09-01T07:00:00Z: Valhalla Forever

  • 2022-08-30T07:00:00Z2022-09-03T07:00:00Z: Covenant of Champions*

  • Covenant of Champions is a new type of event, and more information on it will be shared in the coming weeks. Please note that while it will indeed be a recurring event, its duration may change each time it returns — in other words, this month’s Covenant of Champions WILL run for 4 days, but its next run COULD be shorter or longer.

For me:

  • Soul Exchange creates curiosity…
  • Tower of Magic is eagerly awaited with ETTs for Dark & Holy wizards… missing in troop roster !
  • Covenant of Champs : will it be same as beta or what changes …!

I’m curious to the Covenant of Champions’ frequency. Like, is it every 4 weeks, or, will it be in rotation with other events?

Also with the portal changing each time, you can also choose which one you want.

Looking forward to tower of magic for troops…
A new month so no Klaern.
Covenant idk I will see when the event is live.
S5 kinda want to pull when that red hero that heals for damage is out, pair with anzogh if I get him… Can dream lol.
Not enough feeders for soul Exchange, only at 6 so don’t anticipate a trade happening this time.

Main surprises to me is no Styx and covenant is out so soon after going into beta.


Good point. There wasn’t anything controversial in Beta testing of the Styx Heroes/Tower so not sure what the delay is :man_shrugging:

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You may have answered it… if no controversy then perhaps a hero is not strong enough to sell and then nerf?


Covenant, Covenant, Covenant.

Oh don’t worry, all the Styx heroes are ultra strong :laughing:


This calendar actually works really well for me. I want to go hard after Tahir, since my reds are pretty bad, and I’m almost entirely out of red projects. I actually would consider maxing a second Tahir. As FTP, I don’t get many chances to binge summon, but this was a month I was planning to anyway.

Thanks to the great @PlayForFun , I started saving for CF II months ago. I should now have 11-12 pulls on challenge coins, and I’m currently at 8000+ gems. Although FTP, I do save Google credit from doing surveys, and I’m at almost $13 there, a veritable fortune for low- and no-budget summoners like myself. As I only have Marcel from the CF II pool, I plan to go big in that portal. I’d probably pass out from excitement if Phenexa showed; she would fit my playstyle really well.

Should I have the misfortune of missing out on Tahir in my CF II binge, I also have about 24 S4 pulls that I’ve been stubbornly saving for a good HotM. The fact that the S4 portal opens the week after CF II is great, giving me a second chance at Tahir, if needed. If not, I will probably wait to get a glimpse of the October HotM, since purple is also a weak color for me.

FWIW, I save all tower coins for Tower of Magic. There are no three-star ninjas, so the odds of getting something new are better in the Magic Tower than the Ninja Tower. Also, Sergei would give me a purple EDD, so he’s my main target. So Tower of Magic will give me a couple of back-up pulls should both CF II and S4 fail to yield Tahir. Even if he does show before then, I’ll still pull from Magic Tower, and as stated, if I get a dupe Tahir, that’d be awesome.

The only things that don’t especially work for me are that S5 opens before CF II and will not recur in August, so the 10+ pulls I have ready there will probably have to keep waiting. Also, my lone TC20 hasn’t been super productive lately, so I don’t think I have the 20 dupes needed to do a top-tier exchange in SE yet and probably won’t by the end of August. The only hero that I think has a possibility of showing there that I’d be really bummed to miss, though, is Guardian Panther, since purple EDD is super-rare.


best of luck Weasel! :+1:


Good luck with your pulls :slight_smile:

I hope you will get Tahir :slight_smile:


I have said it before though that Styx is for September :man_shrugging:

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And the Tower festival in October ? :smiley:
(This is just a wild quess from as we have not seen that in Beta)


Come on it needs an original name… Like Tower Bonanza.

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That would be wild but if that can combine ninja and magic with the Styx format of only 50 floors in total (and not the P2W 75 floors), I would be totally in :+1:
Styx tower in September will be the first tower I will attempt to complete in a long time, I just sticked to the normal floors since they switched to 75 floors…


All the months are the same for me
Grinding and pulling 3*
I dont even search or look at the game calendars anymore


That’d be nuts! But really, these festivals are the best thing to happen to FTP since… maybe ever. I racked up in CF I in its first iteration, and I picked up the last couple of stragglers in HA 8, so I’m optimistic for CF II. Long live portals with no S1 heroes! So much easier to know where to spend gems when the chances for dupes are that low.

Not hype-y enough. Tower Extravaganza!


Fantabulous Tower of Grand Spectacle!


Looking forward for Challenge Festival 2 to grab unique heroes that I have none of, and no Vanillas to dilute the pool with (see, even the devs know that vanillas have overstayed their welcome, and had to make an emphasis on no Classic Heroes on every portal that they are not featured).

Soul Exchange not being the last few days of the month likely means I will have to wait until the next SE to see if I can something, currently don’t have enough dupes.

Probably going to save Tower Coins for Magic/Styx heroes, and ETT the same, and even though not yet announced, but you know it’s only a matter of time before Styx Troops show up.


Se sabe que heroes estaran en el intercambio de almas ??

No complaints, but they could come up with a Seasonal for the gap here. Going 2+ months without a Seasonal and then having a bunch packed tight together isn’t a great plan.

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