August 2020 Hero Balance Changes Discussion

Sorry for late, I was without raid energy.
This is a good example for you?

Same results, Vela is not a challenge in defense and not protect Telluria anymore. If this nerff didn’t bring diversity, the problem is not Telluria/Vela.

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She is definitely less of a problem now…but that attack ailment is still annoying and can make you lose a match. Vela is still everywhere because she’s still pretty good.

I no longer took off her emblems for precisely this reason: I don’t have another 5 * druid, yet I don’t use it anymore even for agriculture.

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I think you took what I said and the other poster in a different way than we meant it. We understand that Vela has a lot of counters now. But so does nearby every hero if you have the right hero?

What I’m trying to say is that you set up a scenario (+30% special defense and +94% ice defense) in which you could make ANY ice hero look weak, including Finley, Lepus, Alice, etc. It is really easy to make any hero in this game look bad. I could easy take one of my best teams and make GTV teams look bad. BUT that’s not the point because in a game like this you should be able to defeat defense teams easily. You have the upper hand in manipulating tiles and fighting an AI. The heroes that are best in this game are the heroes who punish you the most when you have a bad board. If i take a mono red team and kill Telluria in one move, that doesn’t mean Telluria is bad, that means i just had a good board.

Vela still has her place on defense teams as attack down to an entire enemy team is a great ability, it’s just that it’s easier to counter her (which is similar to what you were trying to prove).

@Arche you should have use Mitsuko to point out that Vela is too weak to kill herself :rofl:


So folks, do you again enjoy the game, now that we have the defense teams versatility back?

Counters make heros less usable in defense.

Grave/Telluria/Vela has now many red counters and are not better than Grave, Richard, Kadilen imo.

Telluria/MagniC is much better than Horgall C/Vela. Vela’s owners Lost a Lot with this Nerff.

Bad board is the only reason that justify not beat them.

About the example, I need to wait she cast to take this picture because It is rare JF not charge before her. It is not a punishment, do tou need a really bad board to not use a cleanser or a Healler.
Her damage does not punish you, and with many red counters, It is a joke as Green flank. Your

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We’re still talking about this?
Adjust and move on.

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Yes, This is the place to talk about It. Balance Changes Discussion.

If you want to talk about another Topic, Just talk, don’t Tell me what I can or not talk about, please.


I do feel that Vela, as a specialized anti-red hero, was a much better flank to a green tank than she is now. She’s still on my raid and war defenses as I have no better option at present but I am not embleming her beyond her current +14. (Alternatives are Ariel, Isarnia Magni and Richard with no costumes, and Misandra).

My wife on the other hand has both cMagni and Lepus and is seriously considering switching Vela out for the latter.

I preferred the previous Vela. She wouldn’t be on my attacking team unless I was going Up against a red heavy opponent, but against the right opponent she was awesome! This new Vela is usable in more situations but wouldn’t be my top choice in any of them.


This is sad, but It is true :joy:

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I’m entitled to my opinion of “adjust and move on” as well.
Dont censor me in the spirit of protecting free speech. That’s just silly.

Fighting fire with fire
Fighting censor with censor


Ok, let’s move on and talk about… Balance Changes!!!

I used Vela on offense and defense ALL this time after changes. This is my feedback:

Vela is worst on defense, can be used on offense as support because she is fast and has the debuff and in defense If you don’t have any other option.

She is not the better options for druid emblems imo. If you don’t have Telluria, I don’t see reason to up her to +8 or use the ascension material anymore If you has another options. Magni is a better offensive hero and Richard a better defensive option If you need a Tank or a flank for a non paladine tank.

In general, TC20 Heroes has the chance to get customs, and are a better option than last HoMs.

All last HoM generation is weaker after Telluria and Vela, Vela was adjusted to be the same and SG give us a reset, ok!

ALL the others balanced Heroes don’t affect the meta. SG Lost the opportunity to turn Khagan a better hero… I think SG doesn’t want to do that, they Will use the custom probably to stimulate the purchasing of gems, and balanced ALL others Heroes for the same reason.

Diversity need time because to change emblems and up Heroes is not fast for many players. But there are some of top players that started to change their deffenses. Greens Tanks Lost more and Telluria still great, but not OP. They Will find a replacement for Vela and I Hope that a New “Nerff Telluria” don’t start again.

SG probably will put the New best Heroes for a small amount of players in Events and Valhalla to have sure they will mantain the diversity, bad for New players that need to build their teams, bad for players that has in the HoM their better chance to build a strong team, but good for players that already has a good Heroes selection or spend a lot of money to get them.

I didn’t like the Nerff strategy used by SG, I think It is Very unfair with all players, and because It my strategy now is to play as F2P. Use the Academy to get some variety and start to play other games options.

I don’t know If I am the only that think like that, but I try to give my feedback to SG, they asked to use this fórum, and here I am… My 0,001% contribution.

If you don’t like my posts, doesn’t need to reply, It is for SG and players that want to talk about the ideas. Thank you

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You all see it right? What they’re doing with the nerfs? It’s bait and switch.

They advertise that you can get a hero. You MAY get it for free but the chances are so low they’re inconsequential.

So people pay good money to buy and gamble to get that hero.

Then, the losers that don’t have the hero complain that fighting that hero is too hard. Their little free heroes can’t handle it.

The company then caves in and changes (nerfs) the hero. You’ve just been screwed.

Would you have paid for the hero with these new stats? Maybe. But you didn’t.


hmmm don’t want any opinions or other ideas…

Maybe you’d be better off posting in this thread:

Or add yourself to this one:


‘Oh look, there’s a thread criticizing MY game. Better go and try to shut it down. That will give me extra points with the game devs!’

Every fan(boy) of every game :joy:

I thought forums were supposed to allow all types of opinions? I guess this isn’t that type of forum huh…

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Last war 30 opponents
14 Vela
29 Telluria
33 Gravemaker…
So 3 players with double Gravemaker, and the problem of GTV was Vela…
To response with you post, If you can’t play quickly Morgan, your team is out. 3 X 900 damages is just too much against green. Nobody can do that at veryfast speed.

Vela can’t kill C.Rigard 1 vs 1.
C.Rigard has more chances to kill her with tiles then Vela with her special and her damage of 200.

Go lie somewere else.

You cant accuse someone of lying and say no offence in the same sentence. The no offence is meaningless and the offence will come by default because of the nature of what you are saying

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