August 2020 Hero Balance Changes Discussion

Not sure if you are right, but even if: it makes raids boring to have only identical teams in the leaderboards. And yes, since Telly got balanced you also see more variety, which is good. She is still dominating, but less dominating than before. Nothing wrong with that…

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The nerf of Vela is annoying and the compensation you gave to everyone, is a joke.
Where is the compensation for those who ascended the original Vela, with the approximately 70% extra damage against red and the huge attack debuff, now as you nerfed her already twice and still didn’t give us anything back for it…


The changes in general do not seem bad to me but I think something important is being lost, which is the form and how it affects mid-level players

First take into account that they are making many changes in the heroes in a short time and I sincerely think that the heroes and their abilities should think better and that at least a space of 6 months enters changes

There are many people who invested to be able to get a certain hero and it is like buying a raffle for a prize and in the end they give you another, the reality is that this is not fair. I know they will not but they should be able to give the option that the affected person can request reimbursement of what was spent and deliver the hero.
as well as there people who spent their materials to promote a certain hero and perhaps with the changes of today could have taken another path. The fact that they do not give this option I think is what influences the most since the time to collect the materials again is quite long and many accounts will be affected.

so many changes in such a short time.
They make one doubt the strategy to follow and generate a lot of uncertainty, generating problems in the progress of the accounts.

The other issue is that it is very suspicious how this update was released and honestly it is very suspicious that it was informed a day after the first report.
which suggests that somehow they wanted to try to make the information go unnoticed by some players.
at least that is the sentence that I leave personally and with many people who comment on it is the same

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I dont disagree that you will see more variety, atleast as far as exact teams go, but it will still be Telluria tank, with either GM or BK in most cases, and Finley or C-Magni in most cases. So the change kinda “helps” the variety, but not as far as tanks go, and in the process, makes Vela much worse in all aspects of the game. Why didnt they just change the text to say Vela does xyz on attack only? So then she would stay good on attack and Titans, but wouldnt be used nearly as much on defense?

I gave this advice in beta, but somehow it did not seem to get into the beta summary provided to the tech team from by the customer service team that runs beta. Oh well, moving on. :upside_down_face:

Yes, until it is easier to move around emblems, most people will not want to spend all the food/iron, and time, to remove the emblems from Vela and shift them somewhere else. There will be some small reduction in the use of Vela/Telluria on defense, but not nearly as much as the game developers wish. The goal of increased variety in defenses will not be achieved without a way to get back the food/iron you put into embleming up. So this change just annoys people who spent all the food/iron/ time in developing their Telly/Vela defense, without achieving any reasonable goal.


This part I bolded is a huge red flag for me.

This is a game. Let’s make that clear.

When I see players type out that they’re “investing” money to get a hero, I keep thinking… investing on what?

You’re not getting anything physical back for the money you spend. “Spend” is the correct word here, because you can’t make a profit directly off anything you get in this game. If you could, that would be an investment, but you can’t so therefore it’s not.

I can agree with the feelings expressed though as I’ve been through my fair share of games where my favorite fighter or weapon or whatever got nerfed and I had to readjust how I played. I get that part and I sympathize. It’s like that for every game I’ve played that gets balance patches, and yeah I agree it sucks, you have no choice but to adapt to the new changes.

But we, the players, need to be smarter about how we approach putting money down in this game. No more thinking of it like an investment if you ask me. It’s not, and the sooner we realize that, the sooner we can be at peace that this is just a game and no hero is ours to “own.”


I just confirmed it myself. Vela really survive hitting Mitsuko’s reflect… only took around 3/4 or her HP… her decreased special damage is buffing her against Mitsuko…



I mean… she’s still getting hit by a ton of damage and nearly dying.

IDK if that’s really making Vela better against Mitsuko, just because she can now survive a reflected special to her. I’m still personally bringing Mitsy against her, let alone any other blue flank not named Ariel to the green horned quarterback.


I think it’s ok since the damage against fire is gone. Dunno. We can counter her with other elements now not only with Mitsuko’s rare skill.

Yup, agree about the tank variety. But I don’t see her being bad on offence now. Can’t tell really, since I don’t have her. But would still like her. I don’t see her less usable on titans now. Tile damage is most important there. Her doing less water damage I see as a minor issue. She still gives the 10% crit, which makes her still useful on titans.

It leave room for her to get healed.

Thanks SG you ruined my 2 Mitsuko teams with this change. Oh on to new strategies to learn now before the next round of rebalancing happens


I am quitting this game after 2 years of daily playing and investing my hard earned money (throwing money into SG Developer’s pockets). I am already tired of the changes and I refuse more game changes. I know you will keep doing it so I leave. Take care and I let other fools keep filling with $$$ your bank accounts.


Thanks for ruining Vela. Made several atacks with mono red. Telluria is still week and now I’m not afraid of Vela anymore. Wonder why grave is still untouched. Thy change Vela tsunami to a brezze of fresh air coming from the sea. Edit… I’m being sarcastic on thanks Vela.


Honestly? I doubt it matters what heroes get buffed, or nerfed. People are going to complain as long as anyone has an advantage. I don’t have vela, I do have telli. It wasn’t the end of the world when telli got nerfed, i kept her as my main tank. I’ll keep her there until my ursena is finished. I may just decide to work on khagen.


He means it is so needed to the ground that he is willing to get anyother blue but Vela…

Just give him anyone else…

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Vela’s nerf is a bit problematic. On farming 8-7 she does enough damage to oneshot everyone with her special with 840 attack (emblemed balanced to +19). This means her special alone without emblems is not enough to oneshot enemies. Not problem for me, but for many it might be. I also dislike they nerfed her while Telluria is main problem (and no, saying that Vela disallowed to stack red against Telluria is not a justification - it is not problem with Heimdall, Yunan etc who all are great green tanks). So no benefit to game - we’ll keep seeing Telluria frequently and this topic will get a sequel.

However I absolutely dislike how SG treats the players. Honestly no compensation would be better because these flasks feel at this point as an insult. But mods have hard life already at these times so if I decide to keep ranting I’ll do so at support so they give players proper compensation.


Well i would say we wait 2 months and then they will nerf the next one but it wont be:
Magni c

Impretty sure of that :wink:

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Just got that last telescope for Vela this week…

Still think she is cool, though. And I’m going to ascend my second one too.

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