August 2020 Hero Balance Changes Discussion

You realize that her hit is so bad now, that even when Mitsuko is active and Vela fires, she doesnt kill herself against a full team? lol, Her minor buff doesnt even close to make up for the other 4 nerfs. She is weaker in literally every aspect of the game. If you dont believe me, ask other competitive high level players like myself.


Glad to see Khagan get some love, imo thats nice attack buff, with falcon can be deadly.
In the other hand, i was expecting more towards S1 heroes, and lastly… Noor, keeping her as we got atm is disgusting.
Well, one step at the i guess.
Lets see if boring show (GTV) will continue, seems like it will to me, but time will tell.

I understand how the game works and as an adult can form my own opinion. I’m saying her overall usage in an atk team is btter becasue of the reduce damage to all not just reds. her DOT got reduced by 1 thurn and she lost 20% in damage. Her being on a def team got hit bad. But again her over all useage on a raid team got better. I’m not relying on Vela to kill just cripple the other team with some damage and some DOT but now can rely on the fact that my team will survive better so the entire other team is now softer hitting. It’s a nerf to her main cause. But they evened her out with reduce to all. Other higher competitive leveled players will also agree to this statement. Remember this game is about person playing style for your style of players she got hit super hard for mine not so much. Good luck.

I don’t stack red vs Telly
So unimaginative gameplay decide our fate

Green tanks didn’t swamp when Vela came
The moment Telly arrived all other tanks died

Telly skill WAS slow equivalent
Her stats still are

This balance won’t change anything
And further balancing will be appropriately received
With justified outrage
From everyone who is just over it…

Welcome to Super Creep Mode


If you think negative attack against all for 3 turns, makes up for reduced initial damage, reduced DOT, elimination of extra damage vs red, and 1 less turn of reduced attack, you will be very disappointed lol.


My opinion:

Vela – she’s more like a worse version of Zeline. Definitely a nerf, though in this meta Zeline isn’t really an option since tanks are mostly green so unless the tank color diversity comes back, Vela will probably stay more consistent in appearance than her.

Telluria – they wanted to “nerf” her in Beta, but all they did was decrease her damage. Feedback was unanimous that it really made 0 difference on how effective Telluria was, so that change was scrapped. I’m really wondering if SG will realize in a couple months that, if they truly want to nerf her (not saying a nerf is needed, just stating a “if they really want to” scenario), they need to do more than just decrease her already pitiful damage.

Skadi – she’s a BEAST now, I loved how her damage is higher and she destroys nearly any minion that is not on top of anyone with 800+ base defense (troops and emblems could change this though). The only minions that can survive really are bulky ones like Noor’s or Freya’s and that’s if they haven’t been damaged yet.

Baldur – tbh I still don’t see much point to him, his design is very stall-heavy which some players like that playstyle, but for me it’s boring and it risks timeouts in wars. This buff makes him a bit more aggressive though which is nice, but still just not a hero I would level. I’d rather have Red Hood, who does the same thing as him but also heals all her allies.

Norns – notable buff to her damage is nice, but she’s still exclusively an offensive hero since that’s really the only part her effect is good. Not bad necessarily, just limited to certain stacks (most notably more effective in 3-2 in this meta).

Hatter – damage bump makes him better on offense, though Hatter is very much tied to the current status of the meta. Not sure if his usability goes up due to that, he was great when Aegir and Guin were everywhere but now his usefulness is a bit more limited to certain team makeups.

Sargasso – I liked his new damage in Beta, it’s quite a bit better than heroes like Obakan (ahem where’s his buff??). His effect is still pretty niche but hey it can help against healing aid so he might see more usefulness even if it’s a bit niche.

Khaghansigh so honestly I tested him extensively with a level 15 Crit troop and he is dealing much nicer damage now (500ish which is about 1/3rd of 5*+20 HP) but the question is always if he’s going to live long enough to fire. I’m not really optimistic on him but at least any buff is better than nothing.

So yeah those are my opinions on these changes, I just wanted to put them out here. Agree or disagree, I personally am fine with more consistent balance changes but emblems themselves are a real pain to switch around too – I do wish devs would look into addressing that problem specifically so that balance changes could be received on a more positive note (or at least less negative).


Yep, I looked real quick: 6 players in top 10 still have Vela flanks. I am not comparing the nerfs, more the reactions. Your statement about Vela was pretty much the same what people wrote about the Telly nerf. SG killed her, she is useless now and all that… And now, months later, she is still dominating. And I also don’t think that Vela will disappear from the Top 100 after the rebalance.


Agree to disagree. Good luck with your future raids

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lol Last night 9 of the 10 would be Vela lol. As soon as the other players wake up/log on, you will probably see 1 or 2 Vela in top 10. Just dropped to 5 in top 10 now

I agree to this completely. Now the attacking raid team that is mono red just has a better chance to recover from a bad opening board. But she will punish a little more people who use a different colored mono raid team. Her main goal was to punch reds and help greens now she is just colored blind lol.


Moust of the people in top are useing a pc to play. They are online 24/7 you can’t raid them. That is why they are there all the time.
Someone from aliance batman returns is there since the end of time.

Not sure if you are right, but even if: it makes raids boring to have only identical teams in the leaderboards. And yes, since Telly got balanced you also see more variety, which is good. She is still dominating, but less dominating than before. Nothing wrong with that…

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The nerf of Vela is annoying and the compensation you gave to everyone, is a joke.
Where is the compensation for those who ascended the original Vela, with the approximately 70% extra damage against red and the huge attack debuff, now as you nerfed her already twice and still didn’t give us anything back for it…


The changes in general do not seem bad to me but I think something important is being lost, which is the form and how it affects mid-level players

First take into account that they are making many changes in the heroes in a short time and I sincerely think that the heroes and their abilities should think better and that at least a space of 6 months enters changes

There are many people who invested to be able to get a certain hero and it is like buying a raffle for a prize and in the end they give you another, the reality is that this is not fair. I know they will not but they should be able to give the option that the affected person can request reimbursement of what was spent and deliver the hero.
as well as there people who spent their materials to promote a certain hero and perhaps with the changes of today could have taken another path. The fact that they do not give this option I think is what influences the most since the time to collect the materials again is quite long and many accounts will be affected.

so many changes in such a short time.
They make one doubt the strategy to follow and generate a lot of uncertainty, generating problems in the progress of the accounts.

The other issue is that it is very suspicious how this update was released and honestly it is very suspicious that it was informed a day after the first report.
which suggests that somehow they wanted to try to make the information go unnoticed by some players.
at least that is the sentence that I leave personally and with many people who comment on it is the same

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I dont disagree that you will see more variety, atleast as far as exact teams go, but it will still be Telluria tank, with either GM or BK in most cases, and Finley or C-Magni in most cases. So the change kinda “helps” the variety, but not as far as tanks go, and in the process, makes Vela much worse in all aspects of the game. Why didnt they just change the text to say Vela does xyz on attack only? So then she would stay good on attack and Titans, but wouldnt be used nearly as much on defense?

I gave this advice in beta, but somehow it did not seem to get into the beta summary provided to the tech team from by the customer service team that runs beta. Oh well, moving on. :upside_down_face:

Yes, until it is easier to move around emblems, most people will not want to spend all the food/iron, and time, to remove the emblems from Vela and shift them somewhere else. There will be some small reduction in the use of Vela/Telluria on defense, but not nearly as much as the game developers wish. The goal of increased variety in defenses will not be achieved without a way to get back the food/iron you put into embleming up. So this change just annoys people who spent all the food/iron/ time in developing their Telly/Vela defense, without achieving any reasonable goal.


This part I bolded is a huge red flag for me.

This is a game. Let’s make that clear.

When I see players type out that they’re “investing” money to get a hero, I keep thinking… investing on what?

You’re not getting anything physical back for the money you spend. “Spend” is the correct word here, because you can’t make a profit directly off anything you get in this game. If you could, that would be an investment, but you can’t so therefore it’s not.

I can agree with the feelings expressed though as I’ve been through my fair share of games where my favorite fighter or weapon or whatever got nerfed and I had to readjust how I played. I get that part and I sympathize. It’s like that for every game I’ve played that gets balance patches, and yeah I agree it sucks, you have no choice but to adapt to the new changes.

But we, the players, need to be smarter about how we approach putting money down in this game. No more thinking of it like an investment if you ask me. It’s not, and the sooner we realize that, the sooner we can be at peace that this is just a game and no hero is ours to “own.”


I just confirmed it myself. Vela really survive hitting Mitsuko’s reflect… only took around 3/4 or her HP… her decreased special damage is buffing her against Mitsuko…



I mean… she’s still getting hit by a ton of damage and nearly dying.

IDK if that’s really making Vela better against Mitsuko, just because she can now survive a reflected special to her. I’m still personally bringing Mitsy against her, let alone any other blue flank not named Ariel to the green horned quarterback.