August 2020 Hero Balance Changes Discussion

The balance changes for August are live now!

You can find the updated release notes here:

Discuss and share your feedback on the changes below!


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Things to discuss:

  • Is it a “buff” or a “nerf”; and why

  • Are the “buffs” enough to make you consider using or ascending the heroes?

  • Are the “nerfs” sufficient to make you consider “ditching” or “dumping” the hero/s?

  • What do you think about the additional information provided by SG w.r.t the reasoning & rational behind why they are making the balance changes?

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Balance Changes:


  • Direct Damage decreased from 150% to 130%.
  • Deals extra damage against Fire removed.
  • All Fire enemies get -34% attack for 4 turns changed to All enemies get -34% attack for 3 turns.
  • Water damage duration decreased from 4 turns to 3 turns,
  • Damage per turn stays the same.


  • Direct Damage increased from 170% to 220%.
  • Increased damage per dead enemy decreased from 70% to 50%.


  • Added initial direct damage to random enemy (150%)
  • Direct Damage done at the end of each turn when Baldur has boosted health increased from 110% to 150%.

AOE3 Heroes - Norns, the Hatter, Sargasso, Khagan

  • Norns: Direct Damage increased from 265% to 280%.
  • The Hatter: Direct Damage increased from 370% to 400%.
  • Sargasso: Direct Damage increased from 355% to 385%.
  • Khagan: Direct Damage increased from 320% to 360%.

Other Changes:

  • Additional damage in Guardian Gazelle, Hansel, Gretel, Pixie, Gullinbursti and An-Windr’s specials is now displayed as the exact amount of damage being dealt
    • For specifics about the “exact amount of damage” being dealt, Go here where I set it all out in the beta-beat thread — Here

beta-beat threads

(these are now closed)


And the best was the compensation :rofl: mockery …


Interesting that Vela was changed and Telluria left as is. I wonder how it’s going to unfold. I am not a fan of -attack to all enemies, it may actually backfire for things like wars etc where Vela + Tell were already dominating regardless of element I took.

My note to SG team: Please return to making balance changes more often so people get used to it and do not treat it like it’s the end of the world. One hero is a bit weaker this quarter, but will be stronger next quarter etc. That keeps the game alive. But please also address emblem redistribution costs as they are directly to blame for the staleness in meta right now, and as long as GTV is not completely demolished and will do okay, people won’t bother spending weeks on moving emblems around to create another “perhaps okay” defense…


If their complaint is, vela meshes too well with Tell why nerf Vela?

You don’t see a million vela during raids, but every other diamond is a Tell.

I know they won’t do anything. Just ranting


what makes telluria normally beatable is using red heros and vela heavily counters them with strong damage. i think that is the reason for targeting vela.

attack drop on all enemies is a good compensation in my opinion and she is now better on attack


I think that SG afraid to anger happy owners of Telly one more time.

But yes, they should nerf GTV trio until their popularity decreases to ~30-40% in top 100.


Isn’t the last beta version Vela have 110% special damage? Do they really release 130% version without testing?

But it is only 3 turns, 1 turn less than Zeline.


Here’s my feedback. You’re nerf package sucks. I need enough food and iron and materials to get a different hero to the level I had Vela at. And I want the time back that it took to get her there.

Then it might be fair.

Until then, just use your imagination for some insult equal to this insult you just blessed us with


What about 3 and 4 * heroes balance?

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It’s very sadly what Telluria was not nerfed. It looks like Vella was sacrificed to Telluria. Now everybody can use their red mono commands, but it will not back variety in the game - we are still will be fighting with Telluria only


Why fix the big Telluria frustration by nerfing Vela?


That’s correct :+1:

Vela was really OP in the combination with Telluria. I like the change : -)


I will not complain about the compensations since i do not have vela but the compensation really does suck.


RIP to other green tanks.

Long live Queen Telly.


Hi, french Khaghan still says 320% damage, is that just a display error ?

As an owner of only Vela and not Telluria, I think it’s effed up to leave Telly as she was. This will solve absolutely nothing regarding the monotony and boredom we’ve experienced in diamond raids and wars over the past HALF YEAR.


It’s a berf.

If you have Vela it’s a nerf.

If you don’t have her it’s a buff…to your raiding happiness because you can finally stack red against the other dude without consequence :rofl: :joy: