AUGUST 2019 CALENDAR (Events, trials, rare quests and Atlantis) TENTATIVE

This is the calendar I put together for my alliance. Hope others will find it useful as well.

*Please note Rare Quest dates are subject to change.

**Change of rare quests dates updated to calendar. Thank you @Thetinybookcat for the additional information regarding those dates.


Great work @Novo, this is very helpful :slight_smile:


i wonder about “New Heroes Added in Summon” at Atlantis , is it confirmed for new heroes ?

no rare quest during the last week?

AFAIK rare quest frequency varies from 7-11 days, so in a month we mostly see 3 rare quests… But yes, if we are lucky we might see a 4th one, they don’t exactly appear every week. :slight_smile:


@Novo thanks, Morlovia 7/7!

Appreciate the calendar, hope you keep sharing for future months too.


@Jamir I haven’t seen much consistency as to when the rare quests will take place. At first they were every two weeks on Sundays, but last month they arrived a week apart on Wednesdays. So no telling exactly when.


Thank you for sharing…

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merci pour le partage

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Thanks for sharing. Really stoked for Morlovia as I’m waiting on my last Tabard to ascend my first 5* Purple!


This is awesome! As for rare quests, they’re usually every 10 days, +/- 3 days. But it’s all random. Here’s my rare quest schedule if it helps


Wow, this is great. Sharing info with my alliance. Thank you @Thetinybookcat

Nice job. Need 1 tabard for Seshat :wink:

I thought next event wad going to be Pirates :thinking:

I think Pirates was pulled from the rotation because SG is doing some tweaking of the heroes.

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Oh :frowning: I spent all of my gems thinking next one was pirates (Im sure I read somewhere around here it was next :thinking:)
Tant pis :confused:

Great roster of August :wink:

What need heroes are expected for the Atlantis summon? Last time I saw info about muggy before he was released, but not this time.

Thanks for the calander, nice to have an idea what to expect

@Novo THANK YOU! I print these out every month! Well, last month aaaand THIS month. I’ve printed both out. Uhhh… THANKS!


@Novo and @Thetinybookcat thanks so much. These schedules are awesome.

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