August 2019 Atlantis pulls

This time Atlantis features:

  • Poseidon
  • Khiona
  • Musashi
  • Misandra

What are your thoughts on pulling during this month Atlantis? Worth it?

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Depends on what you need. Musashi is kinda ehhh but if you have no other fast decent hitters, hes ok. But mostly just on offense. Khiona is GREAT against titans on a purple stack, and titans in general, so if you need to fill a spot there, you will be happy and shes not bad on offense in general in my opinion. Poseidon is a good yellow sniper. He is great on offense. Misandra is a BEAST of defense when i fight her and I really want her for my own team. I think shes the best in the pool overall. But keep in mind that if the cycle continues, you will get Aegir and Alberich next month and Ariel, Mok Arr, or Ursena are likely tor rotate in again.


In my humble opinion this month is a no draw month.


I keep my coins. Poseidon is great but I have him, already too many purple heroes that are waiting for food so no Khiona either, Musashi no thanks. Misandra is the only one I would love to add but I pass and hope for Ariel, Alby and Aigir next month

I used 100 Atlantis Coins just for fun, got Ursena, I’m happy and that’s enough for the moment :slight_smile: a 5* blue would be great, but I don’t think I have so much luck again :smiley:


Khiona is a very nice hero to have, Poseidon is good while alone and great with his other family members. Misandra is a good hero and Musashi is garbage.

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I wasn’t gonna pull this Atlantis, already have Poseidon and Miki isn’t that interesting as I already have Ranvir and Tarlak…

Did it anyways ofc, love Misandra and Khiona (or rather, hate facing them). A 10+ and two coin pulls netted nothing, got lucky farming and scraped together the missing coins for one more: Magni! Wee happy happy, no Misandra but I didn’t have him and sorely needed a blue sniper.


My 3 pulls so far freebies from 300 Atlantis coins.


I’m trying to get Wilbur. Lost counts on Atlantis puls from the first day it came up. Didn’t got 1 5* yet from Atlantida. Nor Wilbur. I really just want 1n4* red Wilbur please…

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Got Dawa from coins.
Became Kobe meat…


2 coin pulls Wilbur then sumitomo

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Feeders and Poseidon so happy here.


One x10 pull and 5 single pulls.
Azlar, Khagan, Triton, Hu Tao, Cyprian, Li Xiu, Agwe and 8 3*.

I already have one Khagan at 3.70 and don’t really need Azlar since I have GM and Marjana.

So a bit disappointed.

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Did my two free pulls - ChoChin twice… So disappointed.

I already had Wilbur 2 times, if only it was possible i swear I would have given you one of them :joy:
Got melia 3 times too :sleepy:

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Just Dawa so far. I know, I know very exciting. :slight_smile:

Spend 100 Atlantis coins and got PROTEUS :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Then spend 3000 gems and get:
2 Chochin; 1 Gill-Ra; 1 Oberon, 1 Gato; 1 Belith (dup); 1 Muggy (dup); 1 Tiburtus; 1 Li Xiu (dup) and 1 Gaderius
Overall it wasn´t so bad :relieved:, but for spending 3000 gems looking for some 5*!!! :unamused:

well thats how it works :pleading_face:


I made 7 pulls today and I am SOOO happy:
Misandra, Wilbur, Melendor, Ameonna, Chao, Kelile and just one 3* :smiley:


Very happy with this month’s lineup. Saves me a lot of money :joy: No pulls for me as I already have Miki x2.


20x pulls on Atlantis, not a single Wilbur os any kind of 5* I’m too sad

Two pulls this morning: Triton and Mnesseus, both dupes.

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