🍻 [August 20, 2020] Tavern of Legends Event – FAQ & Team Discussion

Hi! Here are my teams (heroplan is not fully updated, some heroes are stronger now)

I used Spare n°2 instead of Team n°3 because my team for Stage 3 was inefficient and they couldn’t get past Ares’s buffs. They just died. And Raffaelle is TOO SLOW (should have used him with Misandra. Not a good synergy with this other slow ice guy, Gunnar.)

Proud of my good teams to finish the event! Didn’t have to use too many items.

I ran 3-2 all the way.

I got Hawkmoon, Valen and Renfeld as great rewards for my dedication and skill, and all the time spent on the event. Thanks SG!

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Agree. 5 draws now, all epic losers. There should be some kind of historical factor put into future draws. If you continually draw garbage, then future draws should capture that result. For instance, each 3* draw increases your chance for a higher level next draw, until you get a 5*, then it goes back to normal. That way, you might get people to spend more money, if they know they have a better chance at a 5*. Instead of the junk they continually give us. Garbage.


In {…} it’s called a “Pity Timer”. If you haven’t opened a Legendary after X number of packs, you get one.

Sounds like an excellent idea. Love the name too. But SG will never do it. They’re all masochists there.

Legends Summons has terrible odds.

If I want Miki, it’s 1.3% / 27 since there are 27 past HOTM.

The odds of pulling any one HOTM are WORSE than pulling the 0.1% mystery hero.

Don’t waste your money on it.

Used scattered items starting halfway through, anywhere from a few cheap to a few heavy items. Then used no items in stage 10. I should really start using bigger teams earlier. I’ve got nearly 70 level 70 heroes or better, around half of them level 80 or with big emblems. Pulls were food.

I didn’t keep track of my early teams, but I got through the 5th quest stage using only 3* heroes, and the 6th with mostly 3* and one 4*.

Then I looked at what the bosses were on the 7th-10th stages and planned accordingly. Below I’ll list the bosses and what heroes I used to finish the stages:

7: Hel, Perseus, Thoth
FINISHED WITH: Proteus+19, Hansel+18, Jackal+8, Gretel, Kiril

8: Athena, Ares, Thoth
FINISHED WITH: cMelendor+18, Frida, Thorne, Lianna+18, Mist

9: Perseus, Athena, Ares
FINISHED WITH: Hatter+9, Proteus+19, Magni+7, Telluria+15, Vela+17

10: Musashi, Thoth, Hel
FINISHED WITH: Rigard+19, Ursena+17, Joon+19, Malosi+2, Proteus+19

I’ve always felt fortunate to have multiples of Proteus, and I’m working on my 4th to +19 emblems to charge in 9 tiles. :slight_smile: Easy peasy!

FREE SUMMON RESULTS: Carver, Kiril… #sadtrombone

Good gaming!


Unfortunately I did waste money on a 30 pull. And I did get a 5star. KHAGAN! :grimacing::scream::angry:

My final teams for this ToL.

Stage 5 was a bit of a struggle. Failed the first attempt rather miserably using a 3-2 3* Purple/Green team. 2nd attempt I used half of the team I was saving for stage 6 and Pixie pulled off the MVP performance of a lifetime to carry the day against Hel, who very nearly sent me packing a 2nd time. Stage 5 and a lack of decent remaining 3* choices discouraged any further attempts at clearing stage 6 with 3*only.

Rubbish on the summons as per usual, pulled a Kailani and a Kelile. It was fun playing through this again! It would be nice to have some sort of completion reward other than just the summon tokens at the end as it does feel like an achievement to make it through.

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This event is way to long, add another harder tab. Give out more coins…

Finished! … With the help of those charts. Challenging and rewarding. Used Panther, Drake Fong, Proteus, Poseidon and Rigard on the last stage. Lost Proteus about 1/2 way through. The others survived til the end. :slightly_smiling_face:

ToL was fun this time around!.

Thanks for all the charts. Lifesavers!!! :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Since these are all new to me, I started in March basically, then the odds are ok since I’m happy with any old HOTM i agree its not worth real money but i do the offers and event coins, I’ve gotten 1-2 old Hotm each time and got Myztero the second month. So I’ll pull from the 3000 coin offer and see if I get one more, until then I’m glad to have a way to have added Natalya, Anzogh, Athena and Myztero to my team.

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Revisiting the final stage this morning in a last ditch effort, I ran Tarlak, Almur+19, Gazelle 3/70, Bryn+19 and Lianna 4/50. I thought it was a lost cause with partially leveled heroes, but turned out it worked great. Really makes me want to get Gazelle ascended soon.

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Made it through all stages for the first time… got rewarded with feeders, yeay. :neutral_face:

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More or less, this is what I used (some initial stages could be wrong, don’t exactly remember now). Not very difficult, as always.


Many thanks for the charts. Helped a lot. Went in with 4 extra teams and replayed one level cause team was too weak. Last round went ok and everyone survived.

Two rolls so far and got Berden and Friar Tuck, both snacks for Lianna.

Well, finished with more or less these teams. (Changed 5/6/7 a bit). 9 was easy, combined green down and defensedown and proteus-stall made it a breeze. Used 1 timestop and some mana and an antidote in 10, but Wu and Wilbur combined made it also easy. With yellow down from jackal, Yellow tiles did a ton of damage.

Coins stashed for updated portal, although I expect feeders (but one can always hope)

:boom: Guvs Bar Fight;

Last Time:

Last time around I made an effort to do as much with 3* as I could; got to Stage 6 complete :slight_smile:

Click for teams last time

This Time (August)


Game Play - Stages 9 & 10

More: 🎭 Guvs YouTube Videos / Channel


No summons. Saving them for when they have finished revamping/ updating the Tavern of Legends:

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It looks like this will not be tested, as they released this in today’s V31 version release.

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