🎭 [August 17, 2020] Costume Event – The Masquerade – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

Rubbish pulls earlier.
Rubbish rewards in my Fire chest.
Rubbish ascension chest

Yet, I decided to still be a moron and buy 2 of the offers today and do another 2 pulls + 2 gem puls, and yep you guessed, terrible again:

Little John

So that’s 2x Little John today!
I know I know you will say I should be happy I had 2x 4* but no, just no :stuck_out_tongue:

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Does anyone know the sequence of the rising heroes highlighted until December?

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Bought the offers and i had 10 keys plus the 10 keys of the quest .

From all the summoning rally , only worth it my third rigard(two already maxed) , costume barden i didnt have and my second Sonya so useful.

Ohh… and the tabard


We have Elena & Quintus currently.

This is the same as in April 2020… So if it’s following a pattern:

August 2020 = Elena & Quintus
September 2020 = Magni & Domitia
October 2020 = Sartana & Kadilen
November 2020 = Elkanen & Azlar.

Who knows if it’ll stick to the previous order tho… Could go & use some of the previous pairings (Joon & Isarnia / Richard & Horghall / Lianna & Vivica)… Or there could be new costumes entering beta & then live game in there somewhere…

Absolutely no idea yet.


After having done almost 50 pulls without getting anything last costume chamber, I’ve done 4 pulls this one. Sonya, isshtak, Gunnar dupes BUT I got C Vivica and Zocc bonus which is wonderful.

I have lacked yellows for so long (only roc and Neith), and have been chasing c Joon previously. However, Vivica would be my first yellow healer as well as great on titans. If I manage to get Joon or another yellow hitter (tavern, looking at you :slight_smile: )as well, I still have extra darts so win-win.


XP , waves, Recruits and HP mobs / bosses modified


Event completed.

2x Renfeld
1x Balthazar
1x Berden

All duplicates of an already costumed (and maxed) Hero :cry:

Almost enough gems for a x10 - it will be close, hoping mission chests and Mystic Visions are feeling generous. :crossed_fingers:

Only new ones Main skittles costume won’t be getting maxed for months, Mini friar tuck I do like this costume but same as above.
Too much green.

One pull, one Skittleskull which I haven’t had. Costume Chamber has been generous* for me so far and gave me only one duplicate, so since March I’ve pulled 12 different costumes of which 3 are 4* costumes.

*for some people is probably not, because I didn’t get any 5 star hero, but I appreciate every new hero/costume :slight_smile:


Last time I pulled Azlar, still working on it (half way), this time Elena and Isshtak. All the keys are from chests or from the quest.


Got Melendor, Caedmon (and Berden), which I did not have as costume, but as heavy emblemed heroes from the fights. Paid one additional draw: Elena, which I have on +5 as normal hero. Thank you, lucky me :smile:


I am saving my keys this month. Hope to see Magni featured next month :wink:


I’m doing the same thing. I’m hoping for either Domitia or Magni costumes. I have both heros maxed and emblemed already.


Made 11 pulls so far .

7 duplicated maxed 3*

2 new costumes friar truck and Barden

2 duplicated and maxed costumed 4* sonya and c.rigard.

No Kiril, no caedmon, no hotm, no 5* … this game is rough sometimes


Ugh, it sucks not knowing the order b/c I like to plan ahead. I’m only hoping for Joon and Lianna costume so I’d like to save my keys (and gems) for when they’re featured.

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Had 5 keys from chests and visions, with the quest-keys, made my 3 pulls:
Kashhrek (dup, nr 1 not touched yet…)
Skittleskull/candywitch. New 4* for me. Would have preferred Caedmon, but I’ll take it. Will probably max skittleskull now, with costumebonus she becomes worthwhile.
Carver (new, could have used him to tank in the current tournament).

All in all 2 new costumes, so Happy. Still hoping to draw a nice 5* costume, but I have no summoning-luck when it comes to 5*…

Pretty Excited!

Berden (new C)
Isshtak (Dupe)
Elena (New C - First Red 5*)
Carver (new C)

Have 1 more pull left - would really love to get Lianna or Kadilen, but asking for two 5* in the same Costume event is probably a little (or more accurately, a ridiculously huge amount) greedy on my part.

After getting another 2 3* dupes, this little surprise was made by RNG

strong text


heroes are no longer locked? i was able to fight with the same team first 2 stages
and less keys? only 10? not 15?

Yes, since V28, here it is:

Costumes lock for Raid Tournament and War teams. Costumes are allowed to be changed elsewhere.

Source: https://support.smallgiantgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012775840-Version-28-Release-Notes-Status

IMO, I think it means in war and raid defense the heroes and troop is locked in that level and freeze it, we can still level hero, give emblem and level troop, but in defense it does not change.
Then we can freely use elsewere as ofense change either using costumed or not, and also if we are leveling those heroes, we do not use the freeze version as in defense.

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