🔵 [Aug 7, 2019] Trials of Shadows Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Lol ending song… Danza! last stand hero :+1:

Last time I beat stage 3 with this team:

This time… waiting flag for stage 3. I don’t know if I will replace Gill-Ra with Marjana 2.35, let see.
OK, I use Marjana, and it works well, more easier this time.

Sabina is 3.60 now, and I will ascend later for sure I have the mats, but already leveling others, so that the war depth not calculated soon. And Danza also now at wall 3.60 I will not ascend danza 1st, I already maxed Wu Kong and Jackal, so Orbs for Poseidon, and also I have mats ready for Poseidon (darts etc). Scarlett also I will ascend her later, best tile damage and I release att debuff has big impact! But I have other red to work.

OK, fresh great start, all mana recharged ready to fire, great healthy heroes. Used 3 health, 2 axes.

Just like before, focus from left to right opponent, and its done well.
Bear banner so worthy, no need antidote.

:tada: Emblem Rogue for Jackal, and Soccere maybe Sabina, I will keep.
Trainer for Boril.