🔵 [Aug 7, 2019] Trials of Shadows Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Sabina, Jackal, Musashi, Skittle, Scarlett…


Mitsy is in now. She’s my fastest leveled legend so far from last Atlantis to last tier in a week.


This one’s dedicated to Private Danza and his frozen nipples. He was almost down but last man standing. My last turns were a gamble and I put funny music to the end.

Watch his big ball show and lol…

Trainer will go to Ariel, emblems will be saved for Mitsy and … dunno yet.


Domitia, Khiona, Marjana, Scarlett and Sabina


Last time Majana was +3
No items, wooo! Actually had good bloody boards all the way through :blush:

When i took this shot i realised i didnt take Dragon bombs :scream::rofl::rofl:


My team this time was the same as last time, must with a couple more emblem ranks spent.

  • On the bench: Tony Danza, Jackal #2, Nat 3.70, Ameonna
  • Up and coming: Marjana

Got to the bosses with everyone charged and ready to go. I had to work through a lot of off-color tiles, which caused them to go off more often. I also got to see quite a lot of dodging.

The board favored killing Scarlett first. Jackal again took a couple of hits, but he stayed up. I was able to keep up Scarlett’s debuff the entire time, which probably saved him.

Skittles went down easily next. Taste the rainbow.

Finally, Dom. Trainer goes to the little mermaid. Emblems go to Mitsuko and the Jackal/Scarlett Emblem Fund.


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

The Battle

Totally the same deal as last time:

Shiny New Emblems

Sabina stepped up once to +10.

Jackal is short 8 to step up once to +8.

Still Goes Well with Beer, But Better with Ancient Ice

Last time my second Kiril ate the Trainer Hero.

This time, while I’m working on my third Kiril, it’s Magni who got to eat the Trainer Hero.


I forgot to swap out super antidotes for regular antidotes but I may keep them in going forward for extra healing. My team:

This one went pretty smooth for me last time. This time, with the same team, not so much…

I don’t even recall where I went wrong, maybe I should have used mana pots on Sabina to trigger another heal. I went after Skittles first because that’s what the board favored. Domitia one-shot Danza and then one-shot Jackal so I was down to 3 with Domitia and Scarlett still to go. I nuked them and put this one behind me.

I really hate the Trials with Sorcerers lol, especially when everybody seems to breeze right through them and I have a strong team on paper. Oh well. Trainer goes to help finish off Ameonna because I’m putting blue heroes on the back burner for a little while :cold_face::woozy_face:


Quintus/Inari/Dominitia/Lady Locke/Quintus fed the 3* to Miki


Sabina - Mitsuko - Kelile - Scarlett - Domitia.
Lovely ladies putting the work in for this trial. All are maxed except Sabina(3.30 moving up) and Domitia and Mitsuko are 4.80+6.


Lol ending song… Danza! last stand hero :+1:

Last time I beat stage 3 with this team:

This time… waiting flag for stage 3. I don’t know if I will replace Gill-Ra with Marjana 2.35, let see.
OK, I use Marjana, and it works well, more easier this time.

Sabina is 3.60 now, and I will ascend later for sure I have the mats, but already leveling others, so that the war depth not calculated soon. And Danza also now at wall 3.60 I will not ascend danza 1st, I already maxed Wu Kong and Jackal, so Orbs for Poseidon, and also I have mats ready for Poseidon (darts etc). Scarlett also I will ascend her later, best tile damage and I release att debuff has big impact! But I have other red to work.

OK, fresh great start, all mana recharged ready to fire, great healthy heroes. Used 3 health, 2 axes.

Just like before, focus from left to right opponent, and its done well.
Bear banner so worthy, no need antidote.

:tada: Emblem Rogue for Jackal, and Soccere maybe Sabina, I will keep.
Trainer for Boril.


Your team is very similar to mine. One recommendation I have is to make sure Scarlett’s debuff is up throughout the fight, using minor mana pots as needed. Also keep the super fragile folks as close to full health as possible with minor healing. I know that is a challenge, as that’s basically everyone.


My team this time:

  • Sabina +16
  • Danzaburo +15
  • Skittleskull 4^70
  • Kelile 4^70
  • Domitia 3^35

Compared to last time, Sabina is up 5 talents, Danza is up 3 talents, and my current purple project, Domitia, is in for a second Kelile (3^60). Might have waited one more trial to switch in Domitia, as she still has lower defense at this point than Kelile Jr., but higher HP. Plus, there’s a lot of purple in the mob waves, so switching a red for a purple isn’t a great move, but I really wanted to see what she could do.

Mob waves were no problem. Sabina was ready to heal whenever a heal was needed, and Skittles was charged at the beginning of each wave, so the mobs didn’t hit that hard anyway. Went into the boss wave with everyone charged, and per usual, focused on Boss Skittles because she doesn’t have that annoying Evade talent to negate my snipers.

Really felt like I had more trouble this time for some reason. Kept firing tile damage and specials, but it didn’t make as much of an impact as usual. Domitia bowed out after two bosses targeted her with regular attacks on a single turn. I took out Boss Skittleskull, but then my Skittleskill fell to Boss Domitia’s special. Danza snowflaked a couple of times, so that hurt. He’s been pretty reliable in this trial. Almost had Scarlett finished when she killed Kelile and Sabina with her special. Basically had to go to the arsenal from there. 5 axes, 4 bombs, 1 dragon to claim the emblems.

Domitia isn’t really great for this trial. Her dispel is useless, since the bosses don’t really buff that much, and the yellow defense buff is also useless with no yellow enemies in the entire trial. Plus, her color is weak to the mobs and one boss. By the time this trial comes around again, though, her stats will put her far ahead of Kelile, Jr., so that ship has sailed. She will continue to be part of my rogue teams going forward. Trainer hero to Kiril. Sabina falls one emblem short of +17; Danza goes to +16.


Pretty much the same as last time albeit more talented. Working on a Scarlett and Skittleskull I pulled from my TC20, but they’re still in diapers and not ready for this trial at this time. In fact, I’m planning to go to 4/70 on Skittle BECAUSE of this trial… that and the game decided I should have all the shields, so why not.

I suspect that if I ever decide to final ascend Ameonna and Cat, they’d do alright, but they’re pretty far back in line at this point. Mostly breezed through stages 1 & 2, and hung in on 3, though got a lot of diamonds on the board, so it went fast. Not too heavy of item usage this time around. Kept a purple diamond before the final boss, cleared some tiles, then let the ghost girl go to town. Cat died in the end, but the match was basically over, so I didn’t care.

Sabina got to her final form at +18, though I might make her +20 since I don’t have any better Sorcerors or much prospect of getting better, and I like her almost-baseline-Vivica stats, which +19 will help, and I have a +16 mana troop at this time, so the mana talent would shave off a tile if I did my math right.


Gill-Ra helps to lower defense and with the defensive path she’s fairly durable. I let Scarlett and Khiona do all the damage, Aemonna boosting purple tile damage even at this level helps too even if purple is not a good color.

I used 1 dragon attack, 3 bombs. No axes nor timestops were necessary thankfully


Just need a little Inari in your life is all

I’ll save the emblems and use them later… no big need for them at the moment.


Khiona (3) -Inari (3)-Quintus-Cheshire (17), Ameonna

  1. Same Team. Just more emblems on Chesh.
  2. It was easier.
  3. No items. Barely scraped by but made it.
  4. Gave to Jackal (12) and Cheshire (18)
  5. Aegir got my trainer.


That has worked well for me given my options. Margaret’s dodge is growing on me. Wish it applied to all allies, though.


3rd stage was too hard for my team still. Sabina - Kellie - Dawa - Graymane - Scarlett. All are maxed, some emblems on Sabina & Scarlett.

Other hero options are:
Maxed: Jahangir, Layla
Half leveled: Carver
Barely started: Ameonna, Skittleskull

Maybe next time.


Sabina, Kelile, Scarlett, Musashi and Jackal made it pretty smooth. Good boards made it quicker than normal. Used 2 axe and 3 medium health. Triton ate the trainer, he was still hungry after I fed him his twin too? How does he not have a gut? I need to find out his secret!!


Scarlet, Sabina, Inari, Kellie & Jackal

Inari was amazing… Dodge, dodge, dodge. I need to give her more attention. Emblems and trainer in my inventory for safe keeping.


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