🔵 [Aug 4, 2019] Trials of Nature Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My team this time.

Holy Rangers, Batman! We now have Athena and Evelyn maxed, so naturally I subbed them in for Caed and Buddy. With Mel also now maxed, hopefully he won’t need Buddy’s meat shield.

  • On the bench: Tibs, Triton, Buddy, Gad, Jack, and Caed (yes, I have lots of options for this trial).

I got crazy good boards getting through the yard trash. I got to the bosses with everyone ready to go and a red diamond to boot.

I unloaded on them and activated the diamond. As the fight continued, I determined that Mel, and to a lesser extent Athena, are a bit fragile in this fight. I used minor mana and healing pots to keep them close to full. I also used minor mana on Evelyn to dispel Brienne’s buff. It did not take long for Chao to bow out.

The tiles chose Brienne next. At this point, the fight was well in hand. I dropped Horghall with a Reckless Finisher.

I have no immediate plans for the trainer. The emblems go to Athena and Lepus.