🔵 [Aug 30, 2020] Trials of Justice Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Took this cyprian out xiu li in for colour viriaty and attack used majority of health and a bomb.

Every thing in storage:)


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Same as before,… Telluria is 15 now.

Other option:


Decent start…

Used some items.


Paladin for Telluria, Monk for Joon, trainer keep for later, yellow level project currently is Pixie and skill is not full.


Same as last time - tile blasting it out in style. Very, very easily :tada:


Joon +8 / Telluria +10 / cBoldtusk +18 / Wilbur +20 / Leonidas

Went very well. I did end up dropping a couple of antidotes, healing, and even one or two mana potions (these are the single most valuable item for me at the moment, as I am seriously lacking in bones and midnight roots — even running AL2b constantly to try to make up for it, but just getting a lot of bear banners…).

Telluria gets paladin emblems, Joon gets the monks, Joon2 gets the trainer.



Could also have used sonya, but nothing to dispell… Wilbur and wu made it easy. Used 1 antidote and 1 bearbanner to clear debuffs and speed it up a bit.

Trainer to li xiu, emblems in store for when vip runs out and I have iron again


My team this time:

  • Thorne +5
  • Wilbur +20
  • KISS Tiburtus +20
  • Chef Boldtusk +20
  • Cyprian +17

Thorne up one talent from last time.

Last time, nearly everything went right, so I should have known this was coming. Got through the mobs OK; entered the boss wave with everyone charged. Fired all specials. Board was nothing special either way. The exact turn that Wilbur’s special wore off, Joon blasts Thorne, who isn’t covered by riposte. Figures. Then Justice hits Thorne with an attack. Well, gonna need some potions now. Nope, Richard hits Thorne and kills him all on the same turn! Well, a big middle finger to you, too, RNG. Already low on hitters, and I lose my best one early.

Went on through, using a bomb, a dragon, and a ton of healing potions. Finally got riposte up in time to get Justice on her third special. Not sure how I didn’t need more battle items. I guess finally getting some red tiles helped. Unless Joon shows up out of my TC 20, soon Leonidas gets the darts from next Shiloh, and we’ll see how much he can help here.

Enough monk emblems to get two talents for Wu. Not enough paladin emblems for Thorne. Trainer hero goes to Justice, because hey, it’s gotta go somewhere. :man_shrugging:


Same team as the last time

Set up some diamonds for the boss wave,


Boss Richard died early…hit hard on reposte, then Boss Joon chose Cyprian with reposte on, departed swiftly, then Cyprian became weak and before I could heal him, Justice slashed him off.

Paladin emblem to Telly, considering Wilbur for the Monk’s, trainer though off color goes to Alasie.


I just love trials with Paladin and Monk.
Wu Kong +6, Joon +4, Telluria +10, Wilbur +5, Santa +5.
First fired Santa, Tell and Joon for some direct damage (and minion wall), then went with Wilbur + Wu. Finished without items pretty easily (even though today Wu is missing more than ever. Not too much of a problem here, but suffered painfully in the war -.-")
Emblems in store for Telluria and Joon/Santa (it’ll be hard to choose). Trainer to Domitia.


Classic hero challenge.

My team: Maxed costumes on all except no costume for Joon

C.BoldTusk - C. Tiburtus - Joon - Li Xiu - Sonya

Had a bit of trouble at last boss stage with all enemies targeting the same heroes, but made it through with a few arrows, antidotes and minor mana.

Trainer and emblems banked. No reset.


This trial went great this time for me. I got Raff up to 3/70 and brought him along. The first time having a healer for this trial (I will have another one on the way too as I recently got Boldtusk costume).

HOLY :poop: Raff is a monster of a healer! Using Raff I needed a single mana pot, that was it and it was never close. C Melendor +20 was my best healer, but Raff having the heal to 50% first gets you out of hot water right away before the huge HoT. Amazing!

Li Xiu is now to +9 and starting to be useful. Cyprian went to +9 as well avoiding D boost nodes whenever possible. Richard +7 and Joon +7 rounded out the team. I did use Sonya +20 in the first two stages before giving Li Xiu a go.



Here is my really lucky and awesome boss bard on stage 3:
(real time speed, not sped up)


We beat all the levels but only just :smile_cat: I used the same team as before: Wilbur (20), Sonya (6), Cyprian (16), By-Ulf and Chick Jr. This time Wilbur and Sonya had more emblems but I forgot to take any healing potions D: Poor Chick Jr was knocked out almost right away :sob: We made it to the last stage and after beating the bosses, only Sonya and Cyprian were left standing. By-Ulf did help with healing but Chick Jr was so unlucky early on.

I will save the monk emblems for now, as I don’t have any monks ready to give them to. I used the paladin emblems to take Sonya up to 7 and Delilah ate the 3* yellow trainer hero :slight_smile:


Same team as last time

Couple emblems more on Drake and Telly (up from +10). Almost lost Jab, Drake and Telly before Telly’s heal kicked in, but smooth sailing after that.

Emblems saved for now, trainer to Ursena who is up to 4/50 ish now.


Team & Battle:

More: 🎭 Guvs YouTube Videos / Channel

Emblems - Stashed as I have no food… all being eaten by my troops
Trainer - Stashed also.


Well, being the chaotic person I am, I just plowed in sans healer. I obviously won but what was i thinking with that initial team (undisclosed due to embarrassment; and oh, I forgot). Intermediate used C BT and C Tibsey, that went far better. I didn’t attempt the final stage because i don’t trust that lying experience point recommender. I just ran out of confidence, I’m not convinced my team could have really done it with me in charge?

EDIT, Yes I should have used falcon instead of Wu.


I think you would have done. some bombing always help.

I did 2 stages with Bane +14, Bane, Cyprian+9, Friar Tuck and Vodnik. I didn´t need items but I lost 1 hero in the battle.


Clearly confidence is an issue for me. Thanks for the feedback. (sorry for the missing smiling emoji; the site will not let me use them atm)


I think any time you have BT, C-Tibs, and The Wu you always have a swingers chance. :+1:


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Once again I failed to finish this. Had time issues, but also couldn’t win in two attempts. Will need to shake things up big next time.


What team did you use? Maybe people can help and give advice?

If not, no worries, you will get there. I for one can still remember struggling through most of the Trials, now on most I can sail through them with a half decent board and not having to Nuke them. It’s a fantastic feeling when you get to this point, so keep going.

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