🔵 [Aug 23, 2020] Trials of Nature Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Team last time/ Team this time

Swapped out Triton for nearly maxed Lianna. Spent a couple of time stops due to bad boards and lost 3 heroes. Could have gone better but apparently my luck was still set for TOL.

Emblems saved for now, trainer to Lianna.


I beat all 3 levels and used less items again :smile_cat: I only had to use 1 bomb, 1 axe and 3 arrows.

My team was Rigard in his costume (+19), Tiburtus (+19), Gullinbursti (+20), Lianna (maxed) and Sonya in her costume (+6). Enemy!Brienne kept using her special attack and poor Lianna and Sonya were knocked out :cry: So I used items to know out Brienne and then we were able to win :slight_smile:

I was able to finish Tiburtus; he is now emblemed to 20 :trophy: I will save the druid emblems and the 3* green trainer hero for later :slight_smile:


Went with this. Honestly dunno what I used last time, Lianna is probably new because I got her very recently.

No trouble at all, Gullin’s HP boost accumulated during monster waves was enough to tank even enraged Bosses. Emblems will go to Lianna, druid emblems will collect dust for some time now that Vela is +19 (and if she gets last suggested nerf she’ll lose them all. Damn, those druid emblems are complicated, I already took them from Ranvir once I realized he’s hot garbage). Trainer also stored.


I miss getting reset tokens after completing the trials. Trainer heroes are great … but I made many mistakes with emblems early on and would like more opportunities to reset emblems without having to pay gems and lose 5%.

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2 antidotes & a small mana.
Trained Malo #2 & saved blems.


Nice & easy completion. Used a different team this time round, subbing in Vela & Master Lepus as well as Zimkitha & Red Hood… So the only carryover was C-Rigard lol.

More: 🎭 Guvs YouTube Videos / Channel


Emblems stashed for when I have food free again (working on troops). Trainer stashed for when I next levelling a hero.


Tibertus - Chao - Melendor - C.Magni - Triton

Green trainer to Ratatoskr.
Up to 731 Ranger emblems and 684 Druid emblems. Still can’t even get a Lianna from TC20 :sleepy:. Saving a set of rings and all my Ranger emblems in hopes of pulling Gejfon in a few months lol.

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Same team
Lianna has gone up +3
Nice greenies to start

Speedy went down first

I think i fired an arrow in here somewhere, thougt i was gana die i think

Losing Melendor hurt, but got there in the end

Emblems for Lianna and save the others
Trainer for Gazelle