🔵 [Aug 16, 2020] Trials of Piety Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Last trial for me to finish vanilla challenge. yay!

how fitting that it would be one of the most annoying ones. Friar Tuck. I only use him with costume on offense, but the heal and mana boost is beastly. and here he’s in the middle…

I have literally just enough vanillas to form a full party. well, almost -

normal Li Xiu and Joon and Rigard, costume Skittleskull and Boldtusk. left out normal Boril.

benched: Aeron, Rana, Lady Woolerton, Hansel, Valeria. wow. I have a lot of non vanillas who would be useful against Tuck’s stupid heal.

fight was the same as most fights with this trial. Kill Joon first, and he’s relatively frail so it’s kinda easy to kill him before Tuck heals.

then just plow through Tuck. used a dragon attack to kill Joon before Tuck could heal (he was about to). then repeat: specials, tiles, dragon attack until Tuck does. once only Boril is left, it becomes a matter of time

I was never worried about dying against Tuck and Boril even with Boril’s riposte, considering I have two healers on my side. the dragon attacks were to speed things up

no reset emblem

and with that, vanilla challenge done whoop whoop!