🔵 [Aug 13, 2019] Trials of Strength Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

This was the biggest change I’ve made in any of my Trials teams in a long time. It actually wasn’t really necessary to update the team, as I’d had a fine time with it in the past, but I figured it would be fun to put Magni and Azlar in, so I could start using them some.

The Battle

This one was still pretty straightforward, although I used two Bombs to dull their attacks, and burned through my Minor Healing.

I should probably swap out to Axes next time, since the Bombs are overkill.

This one will likely only get easier too as Magni and Azlar hit max. Since they’re pretty squishy at max, they’re obviously quite squishy at these fairly low 4th tier levels.

Shiny New Emblems

I was really close to having enough Emblems for Little John’s first Node, so these were enough for that and the second Node.

Hu Tao stepped up once to +7, which is useful for finishing out the rest of this Rush Attack Raid Tournament, particularly since he’s my tank.

Work for Your Meal

Azlar ate the Trainer Hero that he helped to earn.


I completed all three stages pretty easily with this team:

5 axes, 4 bombs to complete the last stage… and the 3rd and 4th bomb were probably overkill. :slight_smile:


Same team as last time.

  • On the bench: Lancelot, Gretel, Sumitomo, Poseidon, BT 2
  • Up and coming: Panther 3.47 and Miki 2.45

All but the Brothers Grimm were ready to go when I got to the bosses. A couple minor mana and the party started.

Somewhere along the way, I lost a Grimm. Thankfully, I brought two.

Trainer will go to Marjana. Emblems to Kage and Delilah, both struggling to get to that 10th rank.


I lost the 1st time, I didn’t really take any weapons just healing potions and no one survived so I had to take some fire bombs and I won after taking them down like that, it was rough but fun, Especially since it’s not so easy and I noticed my style of play is with a healer and so not having one I may not do so well


I enjoy these threads, mostly because it helps me see how I’ve grown as a player in such a short timeframe. I don’t keep screenshots, so it’s nice being able to look back and see where I’ve been. This is a pretty easy one for me, due to my having emblemed heroes. A bit late to the party due to having a bunch of real-life obligations, but better late than never, I guess.

This was my old team last time, albeit with the current levels and emblem levels because I didn’t take a screencap last time.

Mostly did musical chairs and moved Panther and Obakan around. I imagine that’s because Panther was either 3/70, or I just left her where she was out of laziness. I did update Boldtusk’s troop, which was always a bit of a sore spot for me.

I DUNNO, GUYS. IT SEEMS KINDA CLOSE! DO YOU THINK I’LL BE ABLE TO MAKE IT? TUNE IN NEXT TIME FOR no I beat it obviously lewl. Everybody hits very hard, and I ended up clearing entire waves by accident because Boldtusk > Grimm > Panther/Obakan/Little John. THAT’S A LOTTA DAMAGE.

I know it’s heresy to not choose the attack path, but Little John is just sooo squishy.

My 4/1 Scarlett ate the trainer hero. She went to 4/13 pretty much immediately.