🔵 [Aug 12, 2020] Trials of Survival -- Share & Discuss

Almost done with the vanilla challenge…

Little John, costumed Li Xiu, Grimm, Marjana, Scarlett

I figured that LJ plus Li would make a good combo to slow down the bosses, while the other 3 focus on killing. stocked up on healing items and antidotes as well - especially healing items, as I don’t have a single healer for this trial.

Benched - Inari, Margaret, Danzaburo, and my newly-ascended Malosi

Reached the boss stage with all specials charged. Targeted Azlar first, as that AoE is a pain. Left Scarlett for last, as her Rogue talent kicks in a lot… Azlar did fall first to specials, followed by Nashgar to a nice tile cascade. Ended up using only antidotes and healing potions.

Sadly, wasn’t able to take a screenshot - dang it! I looked away from my phone as Scarlett died, and came back to the reward screen. So instead, here’s a screenshot of the team and of Recent Activity.

image image
Pros of this trial: the bosses are frailer than, say, Trials with Paladins or Clerics, so my high-attack team managed fairly well, even without relying on specials.