🔵 [Aug 09, 2020] Trials of Serenity – Share & Discuss!

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Sonya out, Rigard-C 2nd in, he focus def/HP in Ranger path, which is I think better for focus on purple stack. Telluria is +14 now, Tiburtus-C is +5.

Other Option
Screenshot at Aug 09 19-49-35


Decent start, heavy minions.

Finished clean without any items.


Paladin keep later for Telluria, Ranger for Tiburtus, because Seshat is good enough at +18.
Trainer keep later, maybe for Raffael (if he will ascended, not decide yet though).
Wel I think I will ascend him, because of Glenda nerfed.


Team for the first two stages because I wanted to play with my new maxed HotM:

Team for stage 3 for the vanilla challenge and my bench:

Left out Sonya due to weak on green and nothing to dispel. I had two D down options, two A drop options, and a riposte. Team worked well. No items pre boss. Boss stage used 6 health pots and 1 mana. Went pretty smooth al in all for no healer.

Emblems to bank as I don’t have enough for either class to go up.



I beat all 3 levels and only used 1 item (a small mana potion) :smile_cat: It’s the first time I haven’t needed offensive battle items to finish.

My team was Rigard in his costume (+19), Tiburtus (+19), Cyprian (+16), Lianna (4/79) and Sonya (+5). Poor Rigard died on the last level :sob: Lianna was deadly and the bosses kept hitting Cyprian and hurting themselves :rofl:

Boril ate the 3* blue trainer hero. I used my paladin emblems to take Sonya up to +6. I’m not sure what to do with my ranger emblems…start on Lianna (she is maxed now) or take Tiburtus up to +20. I’m leaning towards Lianna as I think Tiburtus is good enough at +19.


cRigard | Tibs+14 (w/ CB) | Telly+6 | Telly 3/70 | cBoril

Swapped out Triton for cBoril because thought I’d have some fun with riposte. Intentionally tile dumped into the bosses when riposte was on and it was pretty fun actually - Richard was the first to commit suicide because of his hit-3 special, Chao stayed on for a bit longer because of his annoying pierce talent, but cRigs and Tibs made short work of him. Towards the end I had the opportunity to just finish off Lianna with cRigs and Tibs but I intentionally set her off with riposte on because I wanted to see her commit suicide as well. Unfortunately that little elf bish killed Tibs with her piercing arrow (:sob::sob:), but she then died from her slash attack being riposted. :rofl:

Item tally: 1 bomb on the final mob wave to preserve a good board

Emblems and trainers saved.


Same team as the last time

Many viable options, maybe next trial, would try out some combinations.

Trainer went to Inari, emblems saved.


I used Cyprian, cRigard +18, Chao +18, Telluria +14, Lianna +9. No problems at all. I didn’t use any items. Paladin emblems to Telluria, ranger emblems to Lianna, trainer hero to Killhare 4/64.


I’m actually not sure if titanium shields can be bypassed :thinking: I didn’t include it there though since I wasn’t sure – would only matter for class trials with Rangers right now.


thanks, i’ll drop a reply if I ever get to test it out again :slight_smile:

Team last time/ Team this time

Swapped out Sonya for Alasie, didn’t use items so lost all but Arthur and Triton (Took the pic but beats me where it went). Might swap CSonya back in for Triton next time.

Emblems saved for now, trainer to Jack O’Hare.


Team to beat 2 stages. I don’t know why I didn’ see Cyprian was able to choose…

I also forgot to change troops went with 2* troops from a previous try.


I believe they can be @DaveCozy; the ranger talent can bypass any defensive buffs. The Titanium Shield goes on as a defensive buff, much like Mitsuko or Ursena’s reflect shield thing.

And we already know that rangers can bypass the Reflect Shield thing (e.g. Finley vs. Mitsuko).


My team this time:

  • Thorne +4
  • Tiburtus +20
  • Dapper Noble Rigard +20
  • Buddy +19
  • Cyprian +18

Compared to last time, Thorne is up two talents. That’s it.

Mob waves are a joke with this splash damage crew. Played the last wave very conservatively to make sure I had everyone charged. Fired all specials down the middle, and had a nice purple match under Chao. Thought I’d get him before he ever fired, but the board turned sour. All three bosses fired on the same turn, so I had to use some healing potions to compensate. Also Lianna apparently really hates Cyprian, so although he was able to riposte her twice, he died in the process. Other than that, not much of note. Hated having to burn potions on what I’ve decided is my best trial, but that’s still pretty cheap for emblems and a three-star trainer.

Paladin emblems from a previous stage took Thorne up to +4, so no more movement there. Also not enough ranger emblems to take Chao up a talent, but now he knows that he’s just keeping the emblems warm temporarily anyway. My new Lianna is coming for them eventually! :smile: Trainer hero goes to Magni for the second straight iteration of this trial.