🔵 [Aug 09, 2020] Trials of Serenity – Share & Discuss!

Cool stuff! Nice use of riposte for the all-vanilla challenge!

@Muchacho @Guvnor you in this time?

My team now: Chao, costumed Tibs, normal Tibs, Cyprian, costumed Boril

Alas, Richard is only 3/70. And my only other options were Sonya! Nothing to dispel here, so there. I made sure to fire Boril first, then Cyprian, so Cyp’s greater riposte dmaage will overwrite Boril’s for my center

Sadly, no costumed Rigard either

Benched: Seshat, Gregorion, Aegir, Jack O’Hare, Triton (I sure got lucky with Rangers…!)

The lack of ANY sort of healer, plus my rather underwhelming team, made this the most difficult trial for me. Had to use health potions. Even with two ripostes up, I wasn’t doing enough damage, and the enemy wasn’t taking enough damage to kill themselves before I died. (Richard did fall to riposte and tile damage, at least)

Finally, after losing Chao and both Tibs, I brought out the ace-in-the-hole: Titanium Shields. Chao and Lianna impaled themselves, hah.

never doing the vanilla challenge again for this one, once is enough :stuck_out_tongue: