🔵 [Aug 05, 2020] Trials of Mysticism Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My team this time:

  • Onatel +7
  • Sartana 4^80
  • Shredder Kiril +20
  • Proteus +18
  • Wizard Melendor +20

Thought I’d try something a little different this time, bringing Wizard Melendor instead of Skittleskull. That lets me leave Kiril in costume, because Melendor can flip Ulmer’s defense debuff. Since this trial is a little light on hitters, I thought Kiril’s defense debuff to the bosses might help. Also, Proteus is up six talents.

Mob waves were quite easy, and again, I fouled up the last wave, failing to re-charge Proteus before the bosses. I did, however, leave a yellow diamond with a ton of yellow tiles on the board, many of them right under Balthazar. Good boards throughout, and after my initial screw up, I was able to keep Proteus charged and active for the rest of the fight. Since the yellow tiles gave Balthazar a head start on charging his mana, he did fire, hitting Melendor, but you see, he is Melendor the White, so he shook it off like a balrog in the Mines of Moria. Ulmer also managed to fire before dying, and I didn’t have Melendor charged for a turn or two, but no one was really in any danger there, either. Quintus never fired. No items used; no heroes dead. Boards were exceptionally good, so it was hard for me to judge whether this was truly an improvement on my previous lineup or not, but I think I’ll try it again, anyway.

Skittleskull goes to +18 with sorcerer emblems. In her cleric costume, she’s been great for class trials. That’s as far as she’s going, though, so I’ll be hoarding sorcerer emblems for a while until I max either Norns or Quintus. Not enough wizard emblems for anyone interesting. With Proteus now at +18, I’m debating whether to go back to Onatel +7 (who is on my defense team), or leave off that expensive eighth node for a while and bring Sartana to +7. Her sniper hit just isn’t what it used to be in the age of emblems. (Opinions on the best course of action are welcome.) Trainer hero goes to Gafar.


No challlange without Proteus or S1 heroes.

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

No change… only minor troop, well actually I forget to use one Kiril-C instead of regular.
Other Option
Screenshot at Aug 05 19-53-27


Good start on boss, all mana charged.

Double Proteus & double Kiril rules, all bosses zero mana, clean victory :muscle: :+1:


Soccer emblem keep later for Ursena (need so many for +19), Wizard also keep stocked for now. Trainer goes to… also keep for now, maybe later for Clarissa or Killhare.


My team:

Norns replaced Anzogh.
I used a healing potion in wave one since the mobs kept targeting Isarnia while I couldn’t charge up Sabina.

The new emblems will go to Norns and Isarnia.


Brought in Kashhrek for Sabina, to double up green against Ulmer and reduced dark heroes in the team vs bosses with 2/3 dark.

Anyway it’s about my least favorite trial, only Hel does direct damage…so…slow grinding battle.


Trainer to Clarissa, wizard ‘s to Hel, sorcerers’ saved.


Almur+10/C-melendor +12/C-kiril+4/merlin+10/proteus+18

last time was skittles 3/60 for almur, regular kiril and less emblems for proteus.

Easy-peasy, no items used. with attackdown from ckiril and defenseup from cmelendor, quintus’ hits are not so bad.
trainer to sabina, emblems saved.


Worked out nice. Defense and attack were always down.


I used Alfrike’s with mana pots. Just for fun. Kiril kept her alive in the meanwhile. The rest of the team was to fill the vacancies.


Tried using only small items, no bomb / dragon attacks. It was decent.


For this trial, Proteus and Kiril along with just about any other 4*/5* hitters will get you thru this trial. I did not have Proteus leveled the last time I did this. His mana control is key to managing the boss enemies. Good luck all! :wink:


Swapped Sartana for Melendor the White this time for some average healing and defense buff.

No items used, though Melendor died and looked bad at one moment, but Viv lived and then healed everyone. Emblems will go to Almur and Victor, Trainer stashed for later.


Boule de feu dragon y sont passé


Team last time/ This time

Brought in Almur for Sabina and Mits for Kiril. Lost +20 Proteus again, and used plenty of items. Need to rethink this one again before next trial.

Emblems saved for now, trainer to Cheshire.


The team:

I did this at 4 in the morning when my dog woke me up. I wasn’t fully awake and used Fura, who isn’t vanilla. O well, next time.

Fight went well actually. I forgot to take a pic of my bench but off the top of my head it’s Ameonna +1, Kashhrek +1, and Kiril +20. I chose Skittle as a second green. In a 3-2 I just need to focus on two colors. That means Kiril sat. I benched Ameonna. Her tile damage is off the charts, but I have no meaningful way to stop those boss specials on stage 3 and she is fragile. She won’t be in ghost mode all the time. I also had Kashhrek +1, but two healers is enough. I need someone to hurt something too at some point.

The mobs went fine. A little slow as I have the two weak colors for a 3-2, but the outcome was never in doubt going to the bosses. Sabina and C-Melendor are a great team. You get a D boost and both dispel (admittedly not relevant in this particular case), one heals a lot at once and one does a good amount of HoT. Sabina is +20 HP/D, so when combined with C-Melendor’s D boost she is plenty survivable. They both offer great A stats relative to healers too, which was a plus here IMO.

Boss stage went fine too. As I mentioned I cannot stop their specials and didn’t have the hit power to kill them fast. I basically just got them through attrition. All bosses fired repeatedly. At one point all 3 fired with Ulmer going first to drop D, but my team took it. I fired Sabina and then C-Melendor and was back in really good shape fast. Skittles A nerf helped I am sure. Fura’s special abilities beyond damage were useless, but her A value is high. At one point she got into red health, I think after all 3 bosses fired, but she popped back up. She was low long enough to do one turn of poison damage and that was it. No one else got that close. Used a few medium health pots and maybe a mana pot? I can’t remember, used something but not much and no damage dealing items.

Fura went up 1 node from what’s pictured. Haven’t decided what to do with sorcerer. Node 8 for Quintus costs a ton. Considering starting Skittles on the off chance I get the costume. She would be war depth mostly, not titan teams. I rarely raid in mono, so rarely raiding. Perhaps with enough A boost she can help in S3 if the enemy colors work out. :man_shrugging:

Congrats @Zsj! Nice fight and done with the vanilla challenge! Kudos! I meant too, but am dumb when I am tired.

@Noble_Weasel I would get Sartana to +7 before going +8 to a different 5 personally. I don’t know your roster, but it assumes both heroes are in fairly heavy rotation and use. Once their both to +7 forget about it until you have enough for +8 and decide then unless you get a good candidate prior to that point. There’s a good chance of that considering it take forever to get that many emblems. You can decide node 8 for Christmas :rofl:

@Guvnor did you do the challenge on stage 3? Sorry if I just missed it.



I did in the end; just haven’t uploaded it yet.

Vanilla Challenge!

Ended up doing it with just vanilla heroes/ costumes.

More: 🎭 Guvs YouTube Videos / Channel

Team was:
Sabina (0) | Sartana (CB +18) | Costume Kashhrek | Skittleskull (CB) | Costume Melendor

Worked out to be pretty cruisy actually… the Constant healing & HP Boost made the centre 3 invincible… Then toss in Costume Mel’s defence boost to counter Ulmer & Skittleskull to nuke out their attack stats and well… EASY!


Trainer banked for Lady Loki (later)
Emblems banked for now… will go to Norns & Onatel but I have other more pressing uses for my ham right now (troops & fighter emblem movement from Yunan -> Panther & Killhare).


Thinking the same, I guess Skittles has some roles…debuff their attacks…hopefully I will finally max her CB before the next trial.


Yeah, looks like we probably both did better with Sabina. How’s your Cheshire do in this trial. Mine is at 4/69 atm and I’m thinking about trying him out.

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Should be fun using him to bounce around the enemies, but I have never used him in the trial, just because I was avoiding sporting too many dark vs mostly dark bosses.

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Yeah, he’s only be good for the poison damage here I think. Swapping around enemies may be fun, but at 641 defense, he may have better uses than this trial. I just watched @Guvnor‘s video and realized I have a newly maxed Kash costume. So I Might try him next time Instead


Agreed, he is quite squishy, and if Proteus’ higher dot couldn’t.make significant impact, then CC’s dot would be like pinching the bosses with needles…tons of reasons why he won’t be impactful.
C.Kashhrek, great…increase max HP for 3 and helping to keep any two squishy ones alive… Green tile damage against Ulmer…


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