🔵 [Aug 02, 2020] Trials of Fortitude Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Can’t do an all-classic challenge, but was forced to do an all-four-star challenge:

Melendor +6 / Mist +18 / cSonya +20 / Caedmon +20 (has costume at 4/something) / Boril

I considered using Lady Woolerton instead of Melendor, but decided that double greens was a better idea. Wasn’t paying attention and lost Boril, so I did end up using some bombs to soften the enemies. Having two dispellers made Boril’s threat as an enemy near non-existent.

Druid emblems will likely go to Gullinbursti. Clerics to Woolerton. Trainer to Caedmon’s costume (which is already 8/8).


Vivica + Boril together are extremely annoying! This is always the Trial that takes me the longest to finish!


Vanilla challenge again @Muchacho @Guvnor ? :slight_smile:

this one wasn’t tough, but boy was it annoying. Vivica just kept healing.

Brought normal Caedmon, normal Melendor, costumed Skittleskull, normal Boril, normal Rigard. Left out costumed Sonya, as dispelling is more important here than cleansing (so 2 dispellers to 1 cleanser) + Blue is weak to Horghall.

Left out Lepus, Hansel, Gadeirus, Lady Woolerton, 3/70 Kadilen. Hansel especially would have been great against that annoying Vivica, while Lepus would have added some OOMPH. Ah well, no matter.

The battle wasn’t terribly tough. Used some mana potions to charge Boril in time for Horghall’s special, so Horghall suicided. Enemy Boril fell to a green tile cascade + finishing shot from Caedmon. Then the rest of the long battle was spent whittling Vivica down, I swear, she lasted at least 12 turns longer than the other two. Finally… done.

Cleric emblems in the bank for Hansel, Druid emblems in the bank for Kvasir. Trainer goes to Kvasir, power leveling him for use in tomorrow’s tourney (and my only Green project now is Kash costume, so no trainer heroes for him yet as his special is still at a pitiful 3/8).


Problem of Vivica is that mana block is almost 100% accurate.

Took 2 screenies out of that long and boring battle…

Didn’t need items, but took 8 annoying minutes. Trainer to Lia, emblems stored.


Not for me this time.

I HATE this trial… Just no firepower and the boss fight always ends up being a ■■■■ show…

Went with this team this time:

Fight dragged on (as expected) and ended up just killing Viv & Boril from low health with some axes (was getting bored)…


More: 🎭 Guvs YouTube Videos / Channel


Trainer saved, probably for Lady Loki when she’s levelled.
No plans for cleric or druid emblems currently.
No reset token.


Boril always uses his mana shield its frustrating


yeah, I get it. I could have done it without items too, but I used a Dragon Attack to speed things up because it was getting so darned boring. Viv isn’t really a threat, just boooooooring to fight :slight_smile:

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Gullinbursti and Rigard with some mana potions make this pretty easy.

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My team this time:

  • Vela +6
  • Melendor +c20
  • Rigard +c20
  • Boril +20
  • Candy Skittleskull +17

Compared to last time, Vela is up 2 talents and Skittleskull is up 5. Still a light-hitting team, but help may be on the way. Since last time, I’ve drawn Gafar, Horghall, and Kaidlen, all of whom qualify for this trial. Gafar was almost ready, but at 4^25, I played it safe.

No problem with the mob waves. I did fail to get Vela recharged before the bosses, but entered with red and purple diamonds on the board. Managed to time it such that Horghall did three straight ripostes and killed himself, so that was nice. Per usual, the rest was a slog, but I finally lined up enough green tiles to take down Boril. (Don’t underestimate Skittles’ tile damage!) Then, the usual battle of attrition with Vivica, which is where I’d really like to have Gafar available. Took a while, but I didn’t have to use any items.

Not enough emblems for Vela to get another node, but Vivica moves to +7, where I might leave her for a while to emblem Gafar. Trainer hero goes to Lianna! (TC20 has been on an absolute tear in the last three weeks.)


Took this and it was going round in circles after a while so I carpet bombed the F out of them :slight_smile:

Druid emblems in storage cleric Ariel trainer zeline


Here my team

Caedmon +20 plus costume bonus
Melendor +9
C. Sonya +20 to have a cleanser for Horgall and more damage for blue tiles
Rigard +19
Boril +9

Seems like a common choiches, but I had no other heroes in the bench😂

Made it without items and with a long fight! No big threaths with 2 healers.

Saving emblems for some future heroes (hoping for a Hansel next time) and trainer for Kadilen


Decided to test if i have the bare minimum to complete it.

Noor 2/47 Melendor 3/47 Ariel +7 Boril 3/25 AGWE

Battle items: Miracle scroll Bombs Mana Minor mana
Battle items left after battle: 1/4/2/3
Strategy was to get the bosses kill themselves by riposte which is main damage dealer.
Melendor healer/dispeler useful to remove the big Boril riposte and Vivica defense buff.
Ariel cleanser/healer/mana buff usefull to get Noor to 100% faster… cleanse horghall.
Noor although underleveled with minions helped clear their minions Horghall and Brienne on lower difficulty also did some damage…
Boril - obviously my damage dealer lol
Agwe such a great help from buff vs nature attack Horghall wasnt hitting as much.

In short noob team testing limits have a nice day!


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Rigard out, Gullinbursti in, trying for fun.
Other Option
Screenshot at Aug 02 22-32-39


Nice start with 4-hero mana ready, with heavy HP boost, decent board.

Victory without used any items, with heavy HP boost. Very nice and savety team setup… :+1:


Druid emblem for Vela, Cleric for 2nd Rigard.
Trainer keep for now.


I beat all 3 levels without using the full arsenal of items :smiley_cat: I just used 5 bombs and 5 arrow attacks, we didn’t need any axes this time round.

My team was Normal Rigard (+18), Sonya in her costume (+4), Mist (maxed), Hansel (4/49) and Gullinbursti (4/53). Mean Vivicia kept resisting Hansel’s mana stop but we hit Hoghall with it in the end :rofl:

I am saving the cleric emblems to take Rigard up to +19 and Gullinbursti will be getting the druid emblems when he reaches 4/70. Lianna ate the juicy 3* green trainer hero :green_salad:


Congrats @Commander_K on the progress!

@Olmor Freya’s screenshot is awesome! I don’t have her and haven’t fought her so I hadn’t seen it! :+1:

I did do the vanilla challenge this time @sleepyhead. Full disclosure, I had no choice this time so it was literally impossible for me to mess it up this time again :rofl:.

The team:

LONG boring fight, as usual. Never had a threat of losing but it took forever to finish off Vivica. Truthfully this would be much harder without Boril. The passive riposte damage is huge even if his tile damage is FAR from it :ok_hand:.

Kadilen went up a node from what is pictured. Cleric emblems are banked due to no heroes.

Good luck out there! :crossed_fingers:


agree, good job @Commander_K , beating the trial without a full set of maxed 4*s! keep on grinding!

@Muchacho totally agree, my Boril sped the battle along a lot because of his riposte!


Same team as last time (other options are 3*, or not yet leveled). I don’t like this trial, killing vivica is a drag…

Horghall hits all, and with riposte was quickly down. Boril took some more effort and then whittle away at vivica…

Trainer to little John (when he’s further along), stockpile the emblems for now.


@Muchacho and @sleepyhead, thanks guys :smile_cat: I think Hansel was the lowest level but he did wonderfully; he put in so much work. I can’t wait to finish levelling up Gullinbursti so I can give him emblems but Mist and Hansel can’t have any yet, as Rigard keeps eating their share :rofl:


Had to do this one twice this week. I allowed my hitters (Hatter, Mist, and Jafar) to die and Kadilen and Vivica did not have enough power. For fun, I took a shower and the battle was still going on with my two and Vivica at full power under auto. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

One second time. Brough revive scrolls in case hitters died (didn’t use) and subbed Hansel for Kadilen.


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