Audio playback bug: After "shooting" birds in sky, audio of birds continues to play


When at the base, sometimes a flock of birds appears and flies from the left to the right side of the display. While the birds are flying through the sky, bird calls can be heard, as long as you are focused or zoomed in on the location of the birds in the base display. When the birds are being shown, it is possible to click on each bird, and each click causes the bird to drop out of the sky, as if the bird had been hit with an arrow, etc. However, when all the birds have been shot down, the bird calls continue to be heard, based on where the birds would have been if they hadn’t been shot down. Once the now “ghost” birds disappear offscreen, the bird calls are no longer heard, but the expectation would be for the bird calls to stop when there are no more birds flying.

This is overall a very minor thing and doesn’t effect game play.


The game taught you not to shot the poor Birds xD


Right, who’s doing the war matching development? Which guy is designing the next three hotm? Scrap that, we got a real issue here :rofl::rofl::rofl:


If they spent time fixing this and not the hundred other things that are actually a problem, there would be a riot! It took 8 months to fix the stealing heath back vs riposte bug.


Compared to the various other issues you raise, this issue is almost certainly very easy and quick to fix–so, it could very well be addressed before these other issues, which are not as simple to deal with.


The real issue is why is there no reward for shooting them???

Or the dragon!!! (Or wyvern)


Do you know how hard is for an old fart like me with my fat-sausage-fingers to tap on those tiny geese?
I deserve at least a feather.


You can use pinch-to-zoom (at least on Android) to zoom in, which makes it easier to hit the birds.


I beg your pardon. Of course I zoom in.
How do you think I am seeing them?


One would think so, but the same developers don’t seem interested or capable to fix this other simple sound issue:


I turned the sound off day 1, didn’t know there are bird sounds.