Auctioning Cups/Heroes?

Hello, I have only registered to share a very novel idea. And I think quite feasible. And, in addition, we solve a constant problem as it is to let the cups win so that a weaker opponent in the war touches and thus make a minimum effort and get the chest that in comparison with other rewards is much better.

My idea is to make a kind of internal alliance auction. Where the one who has the most cups can access and put a hero in the auction and the other members of the alliance buy it with their gems. With a starting price for example 70 gems and go bidding. You get necessary gems and they want a hero. And they are activated in the assaults to win them and thus be eligible for the auction and not the opposite to win wars.

While I like the general idea of being able to send extra heroes to your alliance mates, sadly it would be easy to manipulate. :worried: it would be easy to creat alts in a ghost alliance. Then, when one of your alts lucks into the hero you want for your main account, join that alliance and ‘bid’ on it.

I would love to have a way to funnel some of my extra heroes to alliance members. The problem is all the ideas I’ve seen can be manipulated. So far, SG hasn’t seen one they like so have said ‘no trading between players’. :disappointed_relieved:

This is a problem that has never been solved.

The closest I saw was Space Miner wars were you got gems based on how many heroes your war/ raid defense team killed and how strong the dead attacking heroes were.

Say you got 1 gem per 100 power of a dead hero. So if you war/ raid defense team killed a Rigard 640 Power, you got 6 gems.

Stronger defenses killed stronger attackers so you got more gems.

Raid rewards/ War points also scaled many days since you were last attacked, making strong raid/ war defense teams tempting targets after few weeks of being ignored.

Pokemon GO has cracked the trade problem. We will see if they Devs steal, er, borrow, any of Niantic’s best ideas.

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the first thing I want to say is that in the long run you will receive a lot of money from the auction … because the gems are only provided by the game … and since you have the most cups you have the option to auction with a minimum of days in the alliance …(fifteen). many things are stirred. you can also auction objects … always the exchange is for gems … there comes a time when the bidder must buy gems. like the one who wants to make more shots in the portal …

In addition people will do more to raise the trophies and be able to access the auctioneer site, and members will stay longer in the alliances if they want to opt for an article that interests them.