Auction for heroes

Create an auction so you can sell heroes for food and iron. Or someway to get something for heroes your not using and dont want to use to level up cause its a waste. I got 20 4* heroes taking up space got plenty of leveling up to do so id like to sell or auction for food n iron. Till i got my current heroes leveled then ill get more heroes n level them when im ready. At this point there just taking up space in my inventory. Or make 4 star heroes n 3 star heroes level up other heroes better. There hard enough and expensive enough to get let us at least be able to do something with them that will help us now and will help people struggling to get 4 star or even 5 star heroes a chance. By sacrificing there food and iron. I got to bold tusks at level 1 not going to be getting ariund to either of them for at least 3 months maybe more. But i can use iron and food so 500k food n 500k iron n hes yours. Or cant summon that healer you wAnt i got 2 rigards. 750k food n 400k iron n boom. They can create a mi imum cap for players so people cant get them for free. But im a p2p player so ill do a 10 times summon at least let me trade the ones i dont want. 30$ for ten random heroes and not even guaranteed a 5 star. Is crazy at least let us be able to get something for the ones we dont want.