Attention message for game developers (Let us fight in wars)

I’m really disappointed, and it’s not just me, I see players everywhere complaining about the participation of the developers in the particular battles between alliances. All these aids, heal, arrows, upload attack, etc. They only destroy the purpose of wars, we will never know if we really win an alliance in a fair way.
It is true that the help is similar for the two alliances, but I do not want to win a war thinking that I needed the interference of the system, I want to win wars thinking that it is the result of my effort, I will never be able to measure the strength of my alliance against the force of another while there are 3 participants in the war, me, my rival and the developers.
I hope all the players who agree with this letter join us and join efforts and comments and call on the developers to stop their participation in the wars and let us fight in a fair and equitable way, all those players who on the other On the side they enjoy being helped or pushed by the system they can expose their points of view, but I, like many players, will always think that a war should be fought between two alliances, between two factions and not between three participants.


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You do understand that defenders aid for both sides exists to equalize the advantage the attacker has.

How to use best the differnt aids is another skill you have to develop and since it is automated and static it is not a participation of the developers.


Um…you get arrows. The other guy gets arrows. You both get the same amount.

It’s only interference if the Devs are coming down on one side of the equation, and they’re not:


“Both alliances” get the arrows.


No please I don’t agree …
THE WAY IT IS NOW :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t get it. Why would you think you needed the interference of the system, when both sides get the same?!?!?! It’s kinda as if you think a fist fight is fair, but if both sides get identical knifes it is not fair?!?!

I’d recommend you reading this very good explanation of why attacker in a raid or AW is in a better position than a defender. Alliance War boosters you are complaining about are to mitigate this disproportion a bit and help defense teams from both sides.


It is not “similar” it is exactly the same, otherwise the war would be really unfair.

This “external interference” is to equalize the advantage the attacker has by choosing the team to attack and how attack it. Neverless it makes war something different from a normal raid, and at the same time different approaches to win.

For me is really fun having different “interferences” and i see it as another push to improve my battles strategies and the way i divide my teams.
Definetely a good bonus, not a bad one.

Rather then recycling the same old mechanics, they make a new ones that spice up things.

You should be happy.


I agree with the replies here, but I will say that the healing makes wars NOT FUN.

Don’t mind arrows, don’t mind attack boost, but I don’t care how “fair” it is, the “enemy healing” sucks and should be banished (in my humble opinion).

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I like the “external interference”.

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I guess that each booster (healing, arrows or attack buff) has its own haters. :slight_smile: When AWs were just introduced with only arrows there were tons of negative posts and threads here on the forum. Healing is not worse than arrows: one helps restoring defenders, other helps killing attackers. One with better healing heroes would prefer arrows another one with good snipers would like first aid.


I really explain this on my post, please ready first the full post then put wath you think.

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You said the wars didn’t give your alliance an opportunity to test how strong you are. The fact is that you have that chance with the wars, The added buffs don’t change that fact. It could even be argued that the different buffs give you an even bigger chance to prove yourself and your alliance as each of them require a slightly different strategy.


Okay let me get this …

You dont want arrows (developed by the devs) cause you never know whether the arrows aided you in beating the enemy, on an attack based on an rng engine (developed by the devs)?

Insert Captain Evil … Riiiigggght…


I agree with the over all consensus, wars are very fair. Everyone experiences these revenge bars together. In every war, you and your opponent share that revenge bar in common, whether it be healing, attack boost or arrows; you both have to learn how to work around it. It’s what makes wars more interesting, to make it feel like it’s not just another raid, and takes a tiny sliver away from the already huge advantage attackers always get. It’s a small inconvenience, but it’s definitely fair.

If you’re losing your wars, then it’s not because of the arrows; it’s probably because the alliance you fought was either stronger, had a better strategy or they had more participation. Don’t blame the bar, work on getting stronger or opt out of wars as an alliance if it’s not something you all are into. I think the majority of the playerbase would prefer to keep these revenge bars in place (I know I would); it’s something different that has just a slight impact on the battle.

You won’t always win, but learning how to work around the revenge bar will come in time. & Eventually you’ll realize how little they impact the process in comparison, and that it’s more about who has the better heroes, boards, [active] players, and most importantly: strategy


gentle voice

I did read it. I disagreed with you. RandahPandah explained why.


I will agree +92349 times - people complained about under-powered teams getting wiped out by arrows, but at least you could slam tiles into a team, maybe kill a hero or two, or at least get 10-15 points. With the heal, under-powered teams best strategy is that unless they get a diamond or combination, to ram some tiles and flee before the first heal, because a bad or even mediocre board is probably low single digit points otherwise.

The heal REALLY exacerbates the difference.

Yes I hate this, no I don’t want it changed.

I like the idea you have to strategically flee some battles to score most points.

I like the idea that Perseus, Vampires and the Summer heroes ( to name a few anti-healing special skills ) have a contribution in war.


I get the angst…can be annoying 2 lose what u think should have won due 2 board & aid…but that keeps it interesting & overall agree with those pro the system. What I would like changed is flags increased & flag regen decreased in order 2 fight more & feel more wsr-like.

I have read what she thinks and I respect her opinion and yours, but in the end we fall into the same, it is interference in a battle that should be developed between two players.

I understand what you meant by interference, as stated by others, it is the same 1 of 3 for each alliance. I think even if the interference is equal it technically is affecting things. I don’t agree with removing them though @Rimbros if they did it would feel very close to raiding.

The topic on Raid offense having an advantage, oh a huge advantage, but those are 1 battle raids.
In AW there’s an advantage, but that quickly turns into a disadvantage for most players. You attack their #1 defenses a total of 6 times, not using any hero twice. Burn through your top 25, then tell me how your advantage is on attack #6!
Just wanted to share a few perspectives but I love the direction wars have been heading.

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