ATTENTION: Members of THAT GUILD 9/18/20

Members of That Guild:

You have been matched in the E&P grand ritual of WAR with Mystic Meadows. We aim to fight you to the very last flag and emerge VICTORIOUS!

In the meantime, if you would like to engage in fun wartime banter and sharing of memes and recorded attacks, contact saberofempires to make arrangements.

See also messages on your discord channel.

This offer becomes void after second half flags have dropped.

May the BEST alliance win!
(Good luck in war, but not TOO good!)


Probably a good thing you opted to remain silent and apart. This competition did not go well for you… And we won’t let you forget it either… (That last minute hit AFTER the timer and during PROCESSING tho, that was brilliant!)

Seriously, you missed an awesome and rare opportunity to take war to a new level and make new friends. Until next time… May the boards be ever in your favor.

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