“Attacks on titan”-Lock !?

Hi guys,
my English is not that good, but I try to make you understand my idea.

We have the following problem in our alliance.
Sometimes there’s titans we can’t beat and our leaders demand to stop attacks on the titan.
But not every member follows the order!

And my idea is to put a “lock” on the titan to prevent incoming attacks. The lock may only be set by leaders and co-leaders and should disappear when the titan escapes!

Thx for reading.

You can still get a few items from an escape titan… By enabling this feature you could keep some members from even using a single flag to get those ‘escaped’ rewards.

They won’t typically put effort into features that allow players to prohibit other players from enjoying the game. I recommend you find people more like - minded so you don’t have issues of people neglecting directions they’re given.